Craig inventor sells her product on Etsy |

Craig inventor sells her product on Etsy

Stacey Behrman stands in a workroom she calls her "dungeon" with her portable baby-changing product.
Erin Fenner

A local entrepreneur is starting a business in Craig via a social media craft site called Etsy. It’s been a long time coming, but in the last year she’s made headway.

The name of Stacey Behrman’s portable baby-changing product, Little Bailey Poopers StowAway Changer, has a sentimental history.

When Behrman’s now grown daughter Bailey Basham was just a baby, Behrman’s father called her Poopers. And it was Basham’s birth that inspired Behrman to initially make her product.

When Behrman and her husband were on the go with their two young children, she would struggle to find an opportunity or place to change her baby’s diaper. Not all bathrooms had functioning baby-changing stations. The car seat could be tricky because infants can slide into car seat crevices. And pulling a sleeping baby out of a carrier ruins a nap for the child and peace for the parents.

“I thought, if I could just get her butt up, I could change her,” Behrman said.

So, she came up with an idea that would let the baby sleep and make it feasible for a parent to change their baby in any situation.

The Little Bailey Poopers StowAway Changer fits snugly and safely into a standard baby carrier. When it’s time for a change, the parent just pulls the baby and the changer out into the horizontal position and changes the diaper right in the carrier.

Basham expressed her pride for her mother’s product.

“I always thought it was a neat idea,” she said.

Behrman and her husband patented the idea in 1990 but weren’t able to market it. They spent five years trying, but nothing panned out.

“We couldn’t make them and sell them for a price that would sell in a retail setting,” she said. “We had exhausted everything we know to do.”

But Behrman took a second run at the idea when her daughter called her up and told her about the challenges her friends were having with their babies.

When Basham was out with some work friends, they found that the bathroom didn’t have a changing station.

“One of the girls had to go to her car to change her baby,” Basham said.

And this was in the middle of December, with frigid weather. So Basham thought of her mother’s changer.

“There has got to be a way you can standardize this,” she said.

Behrman smiled when she told the story about why she decided to make another go at her business.

Basham “inspired it before and the second time,” she said.

With encouragement from her daughter and guidance from the Marianna Raftopoulos Business Incubator, Behrman now has almost 30 products listed on her Etsy site and is preparing to launch a modified version on Amazon the week of Oct. 12. For Amazon, she is planning to work through the weekend and make about 60 changers.

Basham effused excitement for her mother.

“There’s not much she can’t do, I think,” she said.

Behrman is grateful for the help and support from her family, but Basham said people helped because of what Behrman has done for her friends and family.

“No matter what they need, she’ll help them,” Basham said.

Behrman has filed a patent for her product a second time and now has patent-pending status.

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