Craig elementary school children learn how the Revolutionary War began |

Craig elementary school children learn how the Revolutionary War began

Following the footsteps of Paul Revere — a silversmith and engraver, as well as hero of the American Revolution — Boys & Girls Club members pose with Debbie McLain and engravings she helped them to create as part of Patriots Day.
Boys & Girls Club/courtesy

CRAIG — Local students recently marked the anniversary of the first battles of the Revolutionary War, which furthered efforts to create a new nation — the United States of America.

“Traditionally, April 19 is known as Patriot’s Day, commemorating the battles of Lexington and Concord and the beginning of the Revolutionary War. It is not be confused with Patriot Day — September 11 — that marks the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA,” said Debbie McLain a member of the Daughters of the Revolution.

At Sunset Elementary, Autumn Tatman’s and Stephanie Murr’s fifth-grade classes joined for a lively and interactive program about the American Revolution.

“Autumn and I dressed up to portray a colonial woman and a Minuteman,” McLain said.

The program primarily focused on the causes of and events leading to the American Revolution, Paul Revere and other alarm riders, early battles of the war, women’s roles and numerous contributions and the Declaration of Independence.

McLain provided an additional program at the Boys and Girls Club, during which members made crafts that simulated metal engraving

“I told them about Paul Revere’s midnight ride and that he was also a silversmith and engraver,” she said.

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