Craig Duathlon includes 34 athletes in running, biking competition |

Craig Duathlon includes 34 athletes in running, biking competition

While the rest of Craig slumbered at 4 a.m. Sunday morning, Jim Gregoire was hard at work, preparing for the day ahead. Wearing a bike helmet with a light attached to it, he was inspecting the path he had planned out, all the while hoping the charted course was complete after so many changes.

By the end of the day, he and everyone around him were exhausted.

But, that was because they were at last able to enjoy what they had planned instead of worrying about the details.

Gregoire saw his dream come true for a second consecutive year, as the Craig Duathlon came to fruition with 34 participants showing up Sunday morning at Loudy-Simpson Park for a day of running and cycling.

The duathlon, part of the Steamboat Springs Running Series, consisted of two separate 5K running races bookended by a 30K biking challenge. The running course looped around Loudy-Simpson, while the cycling segment took riders along Water Plant Road, Colorado Highway 13 and First Street before coming back to repeat another run.

"I had to reroute it about three times in 72 hours because of all the flooding down there, but it all worked out," said Gregoire, the race director.

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Duathletes had the option to either complete the entire course as a single competitor or team up with another racer and split the running and cycling duties.

Dustin Fulkerson, of Steamboat Springs, chose to handle the biking while his girlfriend, Katie Choate, also of Steamboat, took care of the running portion.

"It was the first time we've done this together and I knew she'd do well," he said. "She's got a great history in running."

Fulkerson and Choate finished with the lowest overall time for teams. Fulkerson will also be running in Saturday's Mountain Madness in Steamboat.

He said the course was smaller than he was used to in other such competitions, but he enjoyed the lay of the land, having never been to Craig before.

"It's a great race, and it was a real good time," he said. "The fashion they organized it in was a very good job. The course was a nice mixture of hills and flat terrain."

The intricacies of the course were both familiar and new to one competitor.

Maddy Jourgensen, who ran with cyclist partner Heather Vallem, said the route along Loudy-Simpson was much different from her days running cross country for Moffat County High School.

"It was just weird because I haven't had to run up that hill since my sophomore year," she said.

Another part of the race that Jourgensen described as "weird" was one of her competitors: her former coach Todd Trapp.

"He got really far ahead of me at first, but then we kept passing each other," she said. "He kept saying stuff like, 'Nice job.'"

Trapp was one of 14 duathletes who took on the entire course.

"I knew that some of them like Trapp were good at running, but not as experienced at biking," Gregoire said. "I'm sure he felt it on that second 5K."

Gregoire said he was pleased with the variety of people who turned out for the day.

"We had some elite athletes, some middle-of-the-roaders and some raw beginners," he said. "We couldn't have done it without all our great volunteers, too."

Gregoire said he is in "the preliminary stages" of organizing a 10K with The Memorial Hospital in Craig. He hopes to make the duathlon a tradition in Craig with an increased participation list.

But, he knows it takes time to build interest in an event like those in the Steamboat Springs Running Series that have been around for decades.

"I hope to have about 100 people. That feels about right," he said. "We'll just keep plugging away."

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Second annual Craig Duathlon results:

Athletes had the option of either completing the course at and around Loudy-Simpson Park by themselves or as part of a two-person team. The duathlon consisted of a 5K run, followed by a 30K cycle race, ending with a second 5K.

Individual results

Name Time Town

Brad Bingham 1:27.28 Steamboat Springs

Glen Light 1:30.54 Steamboat Springs

Derek Leidigh 1:36.51 Steamboat Springs

Timothy Meyer 1:37.08 Craig

Todd Trapp 1:37.32 Craig

Eddie Rogers 1:40.18 Steamboat Springs

Jay Willson 1:51.57 Steamboat Springs

Mary Schuette 1:52.41 Steamboat Springs

James Morton 1:54.49 Craig

Linda Casner 2:12.41 Steamboat Springs

Jennifer Calderazzo 2:14.01 Steamboat Springs

Matthew Hall 2:14.11 Steamboat Springs

Deb Freeman 2:16.59 Steamboat Springs

Michael Tucci 2:19.04 Craig

Team results

Names Time Town

Dustin Fulkerson/Katie Choates 1:44.11 Steamboat Springs

Heather Vallem/Maddy Jourgensen 1:46.34 Craig

Jeff Boss/Maureen O’Brian 1:47.45 Craig

Roy Meats/Heidi Meats 1:53.54 Craig

Dan Rabon/Kevin Loughran 1:53.55 Castle Rock

Terry Michel/William Dodge 2:02.57 McLean, Va.

Lane Schrock/Don Platt 2:05.58 Steamboat Springs

Rob Mosher/Maegan Veenstra 2:10.57 Steamboat Springs

John Kinkaid/Laura Brewer 2:42.35 Craig

— Note: Participant Thomas Williams was unexpectedly left without a partner and did not complete the entire course and was not timed.