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Craig Daily Press partners with Google

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

Beginning Thursday, users of will see something a little different.

Craig Daily Press has expanded its partnership with Google in an innovative effort to provide an alternative to subscription-based websites. When users visit pages on, they will see some of the content, but to view all content, readers first will be asked to answer a simple survey question such as, “Do you drink soda?” or to share the content on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter.

By performing either of these actions, all content will appear. The survey question will be displayed only on the first page the reader views.

Users will be asked to answer only one survey every 24 hours. All surveys will be anonymous, and Google will not use any data collected for its own ad targeting. Revenue from the surveys will aid in our efforts to keep an advertiser-funded website with content that is free to readers.

Those who have questions or comments about the surveys can direct them to General Manager Renee Campbell at 970-875-1788 or


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