Craig City Council votes to ban retail marijuana establishments |

Craig City Council votes to ban retail marijuana establishments

Erin Fenner
Jessica Asplund, co-owner of the Craig Apothecary, spoke against a city ordinance that would ban the retail of recreational marijuana.
Erin Fenner

Craig City Council voted unanimously in favor of banning the sale of recreational marijuana within city limits.

Jessica Asplund, co-owner of Craig Apothecary that dispenses medical marijuana, said the ordinance was going to take away potential tax money and business.

“We should not give our residents more reason to spend money elsewhere,” she said.

It instead would just fuel the black market by putting marijuana on the streets unregulated, she said.

“Let’s put it in a well-regulated market,” Asplund said.

Jason Warf, director of the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council, said this sort of ordinance could lead to a rise in illicit use of the drug while taking away tax revenue.

Craig City Council member Don Jones said he viewed the ordinance as a way the city could “wait and see” how other municipalities handle legalized recreational marijuana.

“When we had the introduction to this, I recommended we opt out. We can repeal it later,” he said.

But Warf said that approach would put Craig way behind other communities.

“What that does to Jessica (Asplund) … is put (her) at an extreme disadvantage. These owners will never catch up,” he said. “The business will go elsewhere.”

Craig City Council member Tony Bohrer said he still was adamantly in support of banning recreational marijuana.

“We need to stand against this like we started. It’s not a money issue in my eyes,” he said.

Jarrod Ogden was the only City Council member who mentioned hesitation about voting for the ordinance.

“I’m a little torn to be honest,” he said. “I see pros and cons.”

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