Craig City Council proclaims October Domestic Violence Awareness Month |

Craig City Council proclaims October Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Christina M. Currie

Because of the increase in violence against women and children, because that violence has become a prevalent social problem and because the impact of the problem is wide ranging and affects society as a whole, the Craig City Council unanimously voted to proclaim October Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Looking around a room, people could easily find they are near someone who has suffered from domestic violence.

In Craig, it is easily seen after a man was recently charged with having an explosive device he threatened to use on his common-law wife.

“Domestic violence touches all of us,” said Melinda Kramer with Advocates-Crisis Support Services in Craig. “It fills emergency rooms and morgues. It keeps employees from being able to work. It makes children fearful and angry. It shatters homes; it destroys families; it undermines community.”

Nationally, October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

To commemorate the victims of domestic violence, Advocates-Crisis Support Services will hold a candlelight ceremony Oct. 26 on the lawn of the Moffat County Courthouse. Community members will also be encouraged to wear purple ribbons to show their support and compassion for those who have survived domestic violence, and those who have not.

The crime of domestic violence reaches home in this area one of the highest in Colorado in reported domestic violence. In 1998, Advocates took 3,067 calls and offered 67 nights of shelter to women and children.

The need for domestic violence assistance services is growing in Moffat County. In 1995, Advocates fielded 422 crisis calls. By 1997, calls increased to 1,079 and increased again to 1,243 in 1998.