Craig City Council members vote to oppose Amendment 74 |

Craig City Council members vote to oppose Amendment 74

City Council member Derek Duran holds a new visitor map of Moffat County as he listens to a presentation by Moffat County Tourism Association Director Tom Kleinschnitz.
Sasha Nelson/staff

CRAIG — The Craig City Council unanimously adopted a resolution formally opposing proposed Amendment 74 during its regular meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 9.

This looks to have been written by attorneys, for attorneys and it’s attorneys that are the only ones that will benefit from this,” said council member Chris Nichols. 

Amendment 74 seeks to amend Article II, Section 15 of the Colorado Constitution, which deals with compensation to landowners in cases of eminent domain or regulatory taking. The amendment would add to this section a requirement that landowners must be fairly compensated in cases where government law or regulation reduces the fair market value of the property in question.

The measure has also been closely tied to Proposition 112, which would increase the required setback for new oil and gas development from structures intended for human habitation and areas designated for public use. Many of the same groups that oppose Proposition 112 support Amendment 74, including the Craig City Council.

Property owners already have this right, which, in Colorado, dates back to 1896 and is even stronger than protections afforded by the federal government, said Mayor John Ponikvar before he showed a video presentation from the Sam Mamet, executive director of the Colorado Municipal League . the video presented arguments that the measure is not only unnecessary, but would also place an undue burden on local governments — and by extension, taxpayers.

Council members also unanimously proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Before reading the proclamation on behalf of Open Heart Advocates, Dan Bingham told council members that the organization had recorded 61 domestic violence contacts in May, 95 in June, 98 in July, and 81 in August.

“According to the Partnership Against Domestic Violence, every nine seconds, another woman in the U.S. is beaten,” Bingham said, adding “it’s important for people to know who to call and when to call to reach help.”

The National Domestic Violence Hotline can be reached at 800-799-7233, and help in Craig and Moffat County can be obtained by calling 970-824-2400 or 911 in case of an emergency.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, the new “timeless” brochure, produced by Moffat County Tourism Association, was presented by Tourism Association Director Tom Kleinschnitz.

“As leaders traveling the state and country, I would encourage you to have a couple in your briefcase and have the opportunity to pull it out as a pride piece,” Kleinschnitz said before inviting council members to participate in the second half of the Colorado Rural Academy for Tourism (CRAFT 101) “community conversations.”

Kleinschiniz said attendees are learning about planning to increase tourism, which he called, “the first rung of economic development.”

“The next generation will thank you for your leadership,” Kleinschnitz said.

Council members discussed the adoption of a new city logo to match the Moffat County community brand. City staff will use the brand when updating city signs.

A presentation from City Judge Heather Cannon and City Attorney Sherman Romney about the municipal court system was postponed.

In other business Tuesday:

• City Council unanimously renewed a hotel and restaurant liquor license from Kona Corp., dba Ginos, at 572 Breeze Street, and renewed a 3.2 percent, off-premises beer liquor license for Kum & Go LC, dba Kum & Go No. 902, at 1302 West Victory Way. No cause had been shown for denial in either license. Nichols wanted to know if law enforcement is actively checking to ensure IDs are being checked. During his monthly report to the council, Police Chief Jerry DeLong said compliance testing requires the help of youth volunteers, which has not been available for at least two years.

• City Council reappointed Steve Hinkemeyer as city representative to the Yampa/White/Green Basin Roundtable, expressing thanks to Hinkemeyer for his service.

• City Council approved a bid of $9,900 from CWD Services for the Yampa River Raw Water Intake Structure Modification Project.

• City Council considered an emergency ordinance amending section 13.36.055 (b) of the Craig Municipal Code regarding standards for control of backflow and cross-connection by water users, however, it was determined the ordinance did not meet the standards required to be considered an emergency. After a motion to make minor changes, the first reading of the ordinance was unanimously approved, with a public hearing and second reading to be held during future council meetings.

• Council members unanimously approved a Memorandum of Agreement for a permanent easement and two temporary easements to allow the Colorado Department Of Transportation to repair and maintain the two bridges crossing Fortification Creek on U.S. Highway 40.


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