Craig City Council Aug. 12 meeting recap: Chickens within city limits discussed |

Craig City Council Aug. 12 meeting recap: Chickens within city limits discussed

Noelle Leavitt Riley

At its regular bimonthly meeting, Craig City Council discussed various topics and took the following actions:

• Voted, 6-0, to renew the liquor license for Eastside Liquors (council member Kent Nielson was absent).

• Heard from The Memorial Hospital CEO John Rossfeld and Chief of Marketing and Business Development Jennifer Riley who gave an update on hospital news, highlighting that the TMH contributes roughly $70 million directly and indirectly to Craig and Moffat County’s economy. The City Council welcomed Rossfeld to the community and praised the push for positive changes at the hospital. “You’re interacting a lot more with the community than in the past,” council member Don Jones said. “You’re headed in the right direction, and I appreciate that.”

• Heard from Audrey Danner, executive director of Craig Moffat Economic Development Partnership, who updated the council on Senate Bill 05-152 concerning broadband in municipalities. She and business partner Steven Fulton asked for support on a fuel savings analysis to help calculate the economic impact of having the city convert its full or partial fleet to compressed natural gas. City Council agreed to support the analysis.

• Considered a proposal to develop regulations allowing backyard chickens in residential low-density zoning districts. The city’s planning and zoning committee met July 21 to discuss the topic and recommend that City Council opt out of allowing chickens in Craig city limits. Jones attended the planning and zoning meeting and said the topic was poorly discussed. The council decided to hold a workshop to further investigate the topic. “I think this is something we need to hear from (the) folks that are interested in it. I would like council to take a decent look at it,” council member Jarrod Ogden said.

Three community members addressed the council in favor of allowing chickens within city limits, including Susan Chenoworth, Rachel Nicodemus and Susan Domer. They said people must keep coops clean, suggesting that they police one another to ensure a productive, clean and safe chicken community. They also said it would be good for 4-H kids.

“I would like to see a pathway to chickens in the community,” Domer said. “You might as well get some revenue from it. There are a little ladies that like to make cute little houses and play house with their chickens. I’m extremely interested in 4-H. Sometimes, that’s all the kids can afford.”

The council will hold a workshop, potentially in September, to discuss the issue and a limit on how many chickens each household could have if chickens eventually are approved.

• Voted, 6-0, to prohibit minors from using electronic tobacco in public under Ordinance No. 1037.

• Voted, 6-0, to approve the Craig III Intergovernmental Agreement with the Colorado River Water Conservation District pertaining to the management and operation of Elkhead Reservoir.

• Voted, 6-0, to approve a Department of Local Affairs energy impact grant for improvements at Breeze Street Park, equaling roughly $144,000.


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