Craig City Council approves backyard chickens for city |

Craig City Council approves backyard chickens for city

Janelle O'Dea

As of Tuesday, Oct. 28, Craig residents are allowed to have backyard chickens within city limits.

The Craig City Council passed an ordinance 5-1 allowing chickens on residential properties. Councilman Ray Beck voted against the ordinance and Councilman Joe Bird was not present at the meeting.

According to the ordinance:

“It is the intent of these regulations to provide a framework for allowing backyard chickens in residential areas while maintaining compatibility with surrounding residential properties and uses.”

Chickens will not be allowed in multiple family residential complexes, townhomes, two-family properties (duplexes), mobile home parks or subdivisions.

There are a maximum of four hens allowed per property and no roosters are allowed. Other restrictions as outlined in the ordinance apply.

After the council passed the ordinance, a round of applause erupted from Craig’s favorite chicken advocates as Mayor Terry Carwile congratulated them. The group worked together to draft the ordinance and present it to Craig City Council.