Craig Chamber of Commerce warns residents of scam calls |

Craig Chamber of Commerce warns residents of scam calls

Craig Press Staff

Craig Police Department and Craig Chamber of Commerce are warning Moffat County residents of a fraudulent sales pitch.

“Area businesses are receiving calls from a company claiming to represent the Craig/Moffat County Map produced by the Chamber and the Craig Press,” according to an email from Rebekah Greenwood, the chamber’s executive assistant and membership director. “The caller may describe an ad the business legitimately placed in the map and ask if the business would like to renew for the 2019 publication. Businesses are asked to pay immediately using a credit card or check-by-phone. The chamber’s map is produced every two years and is not due to renew until 2020.”

The email added that chamber staff “urges businesses to evaluate all advertising opportunities carefully, particularly those selling over the phone.”

“Don’t give credit card or banking information over the phone, and read all contracts carefully before signing.” the email advised.

Similar scams have circulated in recent years, with callers claiming to sell local maps, publications, school clothing, and other items.

“Please check with your local representatives about the legitimacy of the products offered,” the email read.

For more information about any business activities through Craig Chamber of Commerce, call 970-824-5689.


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