Craig business creates Western wear accessory to help save pant legs

Kyann Mounts, owner of Buckaroos Western Wear, and Ross Benson, a local artist, created Sp*Hers, a new, unique boot accessory aimed at saving pant legs

Noticing the number of pant legs that were ripped or frayed in the Western community of Moffat County, Buckaroos Used Western Clothing Owner Kyann Mounts teamed up with close friend and artist Ross Benson to create Sp*Hers, a unique twist on spurs aimed at keeping pant legs off of the ground, avoiding rips and frays.

When a customer came into Buckaroos in January sporting something similar on her boots, Mounts took the idea to Benson — who makes jewelry out of elk antlers and ivory, and dabbles as a welder — to try and make something similar.

A trio of young Moffat County residents model pairs of Sp*Hers from Ross Benson. (Courtesy Photo / Kyann Mounts)

One day later, Benson brought back a preliminary design, leading to some tweaks and additions, resulting in the official Sp*Hers product, which the pair rolled out in mid-March to a positive response.

“The feedback so far has been really good,” Benson said.

“How many pairs of pants does this happen to? Everybody in this community that wears western wear, 9 out of 10 it happens to. The feedback has been awesome; the reception overall has been amazing,” Mounts added. “These are going to save a lot of pants in this community.”

Benson originally started out using a thin wire, but when the initial product wasn’t as durable as the duo liked, he switched to a one-inch thick metal wire rod, which Benson bends by hand to make a number of pairs at a time.

The heel-shaped clip fits around the back of a boot around the lip between the heel and the sole, while the concho sits on a tab that holds the pant leg off the ground.

One he determined the proper thickness of the wire, he added in a spur-like tab, allowing him to switch in and out various concho designs, which are sold separately.

“The wire was really thin initially, so then we made it a little thicker, which made it a little more durable,” Mounts said. “I wore it for about a week and went to dinner, and I crossed my legs and the thing popped off. So we had to make something to hold them on there, which led to the straps.”

Ross Benson (left) and Kyann Mounts teamed up to create Sp*Hers, aimed at preserving pant legs in Western wear. (Courtesy Photo / Kyann Mounts)

Benson hand-ties the straps, while Mounts purchases a number of conchos to sell as interchangeable parts, leading to the official creation of Sp*Hers.

“It takes probably close to an hour to make one pair,” Benson said. “I don’t know where I want it to go; don’t try to get my hopes too high for anything, but the possibilities are endless, really.”

With the product created and on shelves at Buckaroos, Benson and Mounts plan on creating a website to make purchasing Sp*Hers easier for those outside of the community, and also plans on setting up booths to sell the product at the Meeker Range Call, Moffat County Fair, and other events throughout the community throughout the year.

Sp*Hers on the back of a pair of boots. (Courtesy Photo / Kyann Mounts)

“These are cool because you can take these conchos, change them out and make them interchangeable with whatever outfit you’re wearing. It can be an accessory for those that show animals locally as well. You’ve got people coming from all over the United States to compete in events here, and when they see these, it’s going to explode,” Mounts said. “It’s going to be pretty cool seeing people wearing them all over.”

For more on Sp*Hers, contact Buckaroos Used Western Clothing at 970-620-4568, or visiting the Sp*Hers Facebook page.

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