Craig briefs: Tipton votes to increase accountability of EPA |

Craig briefs: Tipton votes to increase accountability of EPA

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives passed legislation to require the Environmental Protection Agency to make public for review the scientific data used in the agency’s regulatory and rule-making process (H.R. 1030), and to expand public participation, transparency and fairness in the EPA’s Science Advisory Board (H.R. 1029)

“These good government bills would implement reforms to ensure that the EPA is using sound, unbiased science to inform its rule-making process, and will strengthen public participation and discussion in the process to provide greater opportunities for various viewpoints to be expressed,” Congressman Scott Tipton, R-Colorado, said in a statement. “When the EPA claims, as it often does, that its regulations are based on scientific data, anything short of making that data fully transparent and available for peer review and scrutiny is unacceptable and defies commonsense.”

Sen. Michael Bennet marks National Ag Day

Washington — Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, D-Colorado, celebrated National Ag Day and highlighted the importance of Colorado’s $40 billion agriculture industry Wednesday.

“Colorado’s agriculture industry is a major driver of our state’s economy,” Bennet said in a statement. “Our farmers and ranchers play a crucial role in ensuring people across our state and the country have the food, fuel and fiber they need. National Ag Day is a great way to celebrate their contributions as we work together to ensure our producers continue to thrive.”

National Ag Day was created by the Agriculture Council of America to recognize and celebrate the importance of agriculture to our country. Through a national awareness campaign, the Council encourages Americans to learn how food and fiber products are produced, understand the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy and appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant and affordable products.

CPW reminds boaters to de-winterize boats

As the spring season emerges and temperatures begin to rise, many parks again open for boating between now and April 1.

Now is the time to properly de-winterize boats to make sure they are functional before heading out on the water, according to a press release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

“When nice weekends start popping up, be ready to take advantage,” Kris Wahlers, CPW boat program manager, said in a statement. “Instead of using a nice weekend to get the boat ready or worse, get to the lake before finding out you have a problem, get it ready now.”

CPW recommends several things to check as you prepare your boat for the boating season.
First, try to drain out any water that may have found its way into your boat during the winter season. This will help avoid the accumulation of mold, rust and any potential damage to components as temperatures rise.

With water muffs properly installed and working, start your boat at home to make sure it runs. Be careful to keep the water flowing and not let it run long or overheating may result. It’s a lot less embarrassing to have a boat not start in the driveway than on a crowded dock.

Check the battery to see if it can still hold a charge after the cold winter months. This can be done by taking a conventional car battery charger and checking if the battery holds 100 percent of the charge that it is given. If the battery has a full charge and the motor still won’t turn on, replace any fuses that may have broken during the winter.

Check fuel lines for cracks/leaks or signs of rodents chewing on them, and make sure hoses are connected, check fittings and connections to make sure they are tight, make sure plugs are in good shape and installed before heading out on the water.

Hayden Library to host Scholastic Book Fair

The Hayden Public Library will have its annual Scholastic Book Fair from today to March 24. Stop by the library anytime during regular hours to see what’s new in the world of books. The library will have a Kick-Off Bake Sale today and an opportunity to purchase tickets for its Easter Basket drawing throughout the whole book fair. The theme this year is “Book Fair Under the Sea.” There will also be chances to win prizes.

Hepatitis A vaccination recommended for travel

The Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association recommends people planning travel to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America receive a Hepatitis A vaccination.

Hepatitis A can be spread by eating or drinking food or water contaminated with the virus. Hepatitis A and other routine vaccinations are available during drop in immunization clinics, 2 to 4 p.m. Thursdays at the VNA in Craig, 745 Russell St. Other vaccinations may be recommended depending on the international destination. For more information, call 970-824-8233.

Disabled hunters can apply for deer hunting

Colorado hunters who are disabled could have an opportunity to participate in a guided deer hunt at Ridgway State Park during fall 2015, according to a press release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 

A total of four hunters, two for the second season, and two for the third season, will be chosen for these special hunts. To qualify, the hunters must hold or obtain an accommodation permit from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Hunters must have a permanent disability that significantly impairs major life functions and their ability to hunt, or have a physical impairment resulting from permanent medical conditions that make it impossible to hunt without someone else’s help. 

Those eligible must first apply for and obtain a Game Management Unit 62 deer license for the second or third season through the regular license draw. The deadline to apply for limited licenses is April 7. The easiest way to apply is through the CPW website.

Disabled hunters who obtain a license can then receive a hunting application for the Ridgway State Park hunt. If more than four hunters apply, there will be a drawing to make the selection. To obtain an application for Ridgway, email Andy Dean at, or call the park at 970-626-5822.

Daily Press accepting photo submissions

The Craig Daily Press welcomes photo submissions from community members. If you have cool photos you took while on vacation, camping or hunting, or even photos of your child’s birthday party, submit them to

Photos must be at lease 1 megabyte in size and clear, meaning blurry photos should not be submitted. Include the name of those in the photo along with the date and place where it was taken. The newspaper prefers recent and timely photos.

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