Craig briefs: Rotary Club is taking reservations for event |

Craig briefs: Rotary Club is taking reservations for event

The Rotary Club of Craig once again will host its annual Diamonds and Spurs event the evening of Jan. 25 at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion. The black tie event features delicious food, drinks, a silent auction, dancing and music. Tickets cost $60 per individual, $480 for an eight-person table and $600 for a 10-person table. All proceeds help fun Craig Rotary. To purchase a ticket or for more information, call Randy Looper at 970-826-4444.

Shooting enthusiasts reminded of closure

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding shooting enthusiast that the Byers Canyon Shooting Range in Hot Sulphur Springs once again will close Jan. 2 because of the agency’s continuing efforts to protect wintering elk and deer herds.

Because the animals have moved onto their winter range in and around the shooting facility during especially cold conditions this year, wildlife officials remind the public to give them plenty of space to help prevent additional stress that can lead to mortality, including the deaths of displaced animals because of road and railroad collisions.

“We’ve experienced very cold temperatures in this area recently,” said Property Technician Doug Gillham, from Hot Sulphur Springs. “We ask everyone to respect the closure and remember that it exists to protect wildlife by keeping noise and human activity at a minimum over the winter months.”

Gillham said that the closure benefits area residents, as well, reducing the number of wintering elk and deer that are forced onto private land in search of safety and food.

The shooting range will remain closed until the animals move toward higher ground in the spring, which typically occurs in early April.
The Byers Canyon Shooting Range, which is owned and operated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, is very popular with sportsmen from across the western slope, including the Front Range because of its proximity to the Denver metro area.
For more information about Colorado Parks and Wildlife shooting ranges and alternative places to shoot, go to

Colorado takes step in resolving river dispute

Colorado this week completed successful negotiations with Kansas and Nebraska to allow for operation of the Compact Compliance Pipeline to deliver water to the north fork of the Republican River in 2014. The agreement marks an important step toward resolving long-standing disputes under the Republican River Compact and providing more certainty to the agricultural economy across the region.

The agreement allows Colorado to operate the pipeline in 2014 and demonstrate its benefits to agricultural operators in Kansas and Nebraska. The 12-mile pipeline will deliver irrigation water directly to the north fork of the Republican River near the Nebraska state line, providing the water necessary for Colorado to meet its Compact obligations with Kansas and Nebraska.

“This is a great step forward,” said Dick Wolfe, Colorado’s state engineer. “This has been a hard-fought matter, and hopefully this demonstrates that we can work together as three states to address these challenging issues and come to a permanent resolution on the Republican River.”

Colorado sought arbitration of this matter in May after Kansas denied Colorado’s request to operate the pipeline indefinitely to comply with the compact. This fall, Kansas proposed a path forward that would allow Colorado to operate the pipeline for compact compliance in 2014 so all parties could gain experience with its operations.

On Thursday, the three states voted to approve a resolution to use the pipeline in 2014. The Colorado Department of Natural Resources and its Division of Water Resources, along with the state engineer, express their appreciation to the attorney general’s office in its efforts to negotiate with Kansas, and also thank the Republican River Water Conservation District and the Sandhills Ground Water Management District for their efforts to assist in reaching a resolution.


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