Craig briefs: AAA recommends basic car care in warm temps |

Craig briefs: AAA recommends basic car care in warm temps

The hot temperatures that have climbed above 90 degrees can take a toll on car batteries, and AAA Colorado reminds drivers to conduct basic battery care by doing the following:

■ Ensure that battery cables have a clean and tight connection to battery terminals. Dirty, loose connections constrict the flow of current and are a common cause of battery troubles.

■ Have a qualified technician check the battery fluid level. Most batteries are maintenance-free, but battery fluid level still can run low, leading to oxidation and a dead battery.

■ Have the electrical charging system tested at the same time as the battery. A faulty alternator is one of the most common causes of battery failure.

■ If you go weeks without driving your vehicle, get a trickle charger to keep the battery in good shape while it’s garaged.

Governor reminds the state to conserve water

Colorado Gov. John Hicken-looper urged water professionals to foster collaboration among agricultural, recreational and urban water constituents.

On Monday, Hickenlooper spoke before more than 2,000 water experts in the opening session of the 132nd annual Conference and Exposition of the American Water Works Association. The governor stressed that everyone must do their part to conserve water.

Noting that much of the West — and especially Colorado — is in the grips of prolonged drought, Hickenlooper said that “water is the key to everything out here.”

2013 Farm Bill passes in the US Senate, 66-27

United States Senate passed the 2013 Farm Bill on Monday. It had several provisions that were added by Colorado U.S. Senator and Senate Agriculture Committee member Michael Bennet.

The bill reforms farm policy to support farmers and ranchers, consolidates and streamlines programs and would reduce the deficit by $23 billion. It passed with a broad, bipartisan vote of 66-27.