Craig Beautification Committee focuses on ongoing garden project |

Craig Beautification Committee focuses on ongoing garden project

The Northwest Colorado climate isn't the friendliest for many plants, but with the efforts of devoted local greenthumbs, the sights around Craig can stay lush.

Throughout the summer, the Craig Beautification Committee will be working on maintaining the Victory Garden, located at Victory Way and Finley Lane near Safeway.

Besides planning for a section of sidewalk at the location, the group stocks the parcel of land with vegetation to catch the eyes of residents.

"We're concentrating on putting in perennials," committee member Rose Counts said. "It's all part of an ongoing process. Every year it looks a little bit better."

The wide variety of flowers and plants the committee has used for the garden include daffodils, lilies, pansies, peonies, irises, Russian sage, Black-eyed Susans, poppies and more.

"We used to do tulips, too, but the deer kept eating them," Counts said.

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Counts said the deer population has been hard on the garden year after year, as have lingering weather winter and destructive winds in the spring.

Despite this, returning to work on the project is enjoyable for her.

But, it's harder than it looks.

"The garden may not look that big from Victory Way, but it does once you're in it," she said.

Having plenty of available plants helps, too.

"We've bought from all the suppliers in Craig, and they always give us good deals," she said. "It's important to us to buy locally."

The committee, a subchapter of the Craig Chamber of Commerce, is primarily staffed by Counts, Julie Hanna and Sally Smith.

But, there is frequent help at hand from community individuals, groups and businesses, Counts said.

"Over the years, we've had a lot of people put in work with us," she said.

The committee has downscaled from recent years when projects included placing baskets of flowers along the streets of Craig.

"Two years ago, we turned that over to the city," Counts said. "We really like that project, but the city wanted to handle it so that they could work on a better watering schedule."

Hanna said she enjoyed the look of the baskets put out by the city because it promotes the committee's overall purpose: making Craig look as beautiful as possible.

"Everybody can help out just by doing something like keeping their yards cleaned up and putting in a flower or two," she said.

Counts said the committee has other projects "pending" in the future, such as a plan for landscaping around the Chamber building.

For the majority of the summer, the committee will be focusing on the work needed on the Victory Garden and bringing in more people to assist.

Counts said she and her fellow members plan to host a workshop for people to get involved with the project, though a date hasn't been determined.

"We would appreciate it if people could help us out even for an afternoon," she said. "We've really enjoyed it. It's therapeutic, it's fun, and I think if people came out, they'd realize that it's worth it."

For more information on getting involved with the committee's work, call Rose Counts at 824-5498.


“We would appreciate it if people could help us out even for an afternoon. We’ve really enjoyed it. It’s therapeutic, it’s fun, and I think if people came out, they’d realize that it’s worth it.”

— Rose Counts, on community involvement for the Craig Beautification Committee