Craig Animal Shelter is nearing capacity and encouraging pet adoptions |

Craig Animal Shelter is nearing capacity and encouraging pet adoptions

The Craig Animal Shelter has several puppies available for adoption.
Tim O’Connor/Craig Press

The Craig Animal Shelter has been busier than usual lately, and with the shelter full of animals waiting for humans to take them home, a deal on adoption fees is now available. 

The Bear Creek Animal Hospital, which houses the Craig Animal Shelter, has received a surge of pets coming in. Ann Anderson, who volunteers with the Humane Society of Moffat County as well as working at the shelter, said that there are lots of dogs and plenty of cats ready for adoption. 

Shelter staff said that many of the dogs were surrendered because their previous owners didn’t have the time or financial resources to care for them, or the owners had to move into housing that wouldn’t allow animals. 

Anderson said Bear Creek Animal Hospital has been generous about providing space for animals awaiting homes, and the Humane Society also often arranges for animals to be transferred to shelters in larger cities to increase their chances of adoption. 

However, right now the shelter is approaching its capacity for adoptable dogs. As a result, the Humane Society is encouraging families and community members to consider adopting and offering half-price adoption fees to make bringing home a new furry friend that much easier. 

To adopt adult dogs and cats, the shelter’s regular fee is $115. However, with the sponsorship from the Humane Society, it has been cut to $57.50. The fee to adopt puppies is always $250, and there are several available puppies, including a border collie mix and mixed breeds. 

Anderson said there are also five Great Dane puppies at the shelter ready for homes, and they qualify for the half-price adoption fee because they are a large breed that tends to have a harder time finding suitable homes. The adoption fee covers vaccinations and spay and neuter procedures for the pet, and Anderson said Dr. Kelly Hepworth takes great care of the animals during their intake at the shelter. 

How long it takes for an animal to be adopted or transferred to another shelter varies for each animal. Anderson said there are two dogs right now that have been at the local shelter the longest, and it’s no fault of their own. 

One of them is Artemis, a white and orange Terrier mix that Humane Society volunteers describe as “a love-bug who walks very well on a leash.” According to Anderson, Artemis has been in the shelter the longest and is eligible for the reduced adoption fee. 

Anderson also has a soft spot for Krank, a black Labrador mix that has also had a long wait for a new home. Krank is a smiley dog with a friendly disposition, and staff noted that he is sweet, doesn’t jump on people and is leash-trained. 

Even for sweet dogs like Krank, being at the shelter for long periods of time can be stressful, Anderson explained. The shelter can be noisy, and there are people and other dogs frequently walking past the kennels.

Anyone who is interested in adopting a pet can come to the Craig Animal Shelter to fill out an application. Anderson said staff usually follow up within 24 hours, and the process can move pretty quickly. The application asks for a letter from a landlord to show would-be owners have permission to have a pet in their home. 

A meet and greet to determine whether new pets are compatible with existing pets is suggested, and shelter staff can help supervise pet introductions on-site. 

The spring and summer are considered kitten season, when cats are breeding outdoors and most shelters will see an influx of kittens. Anderson said that with the seasons turning, there are still cats available for adoption, but the shelter is not at capacity right now. 

For more information on adoptable pets, go to or stop by Bear Creek Animal Shelter at 2430 E. Victory Way in Craig to fill out an application.

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