County should re-evaluate decision to close county pool |

County should re-evaluate decision to close county pool

To the Editor:

The time has come to bite the bullet. A couple of big items did not turn out as lucrative or in as timely a fashion as we hoped, the rising costs of living have escalated in a way none foresaw and Moffat County income is stagnant, even dropping. Moffat County has to downsize.

Commissioner Les Hampton pointed out that any cuts in programs will affect somebody. But I feel that I have to bite not just the bullet, but also the whole round. I have geared myself to have no Denver or local TV — no TV at all. I think I can get to the library for my weekly quota of books in a limited time frame, if indeed the libraries remain open. Maybe we can use the computers at CNCC for e-mail.

But the Shadow Mountain pool?

Kids love the pool. The hot tub is awash with 7-year-olds most especially on Friday.

It’s not just a quality-of-life thing. It is a quality-of-health.

I swim at least twice weekly, along with seniors regaining muscle tone and movement. Therapist Val Pleasant runs at least three people twice a week through exercises for rehabilitation. Seniors work hard to regain hip, knee and shoulder movement and to lose weight without the stress of impact. Exercise classes are available in the mornings. Horizons kids come weekly. Penny does a fantastic job of keeping the pool perfectly clean, perfectly warm.

If you must close the pool, give it to someone to manage. The complex was given to the county. The cost is in maintenance, not in investment. You can rent the meeting hall if you need it. For that matter, look at privatizing the fairgrounds, the jail, the hockey rink, the library, the airport and give the entire Shadow Mountain subdivision to the city. Don’t mag water the roads for a year. Take a pay cut yourselves. Charge more for the oil and gas leases, as these companies are charging us more. Use the economic director to find someone to build a gas facility here and we can pipe gas out ourselves. Get the telecommunications system on a paying basis.

Or, of course, we can just close the county. As they said at the Centennial Mall some years back, “last one out turn off the lights.”


Jane Hume,

Moffat County

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