County releases official results |

County releases official results

Election process complete after canvass board survey

Collin Smith

Moffat County election results


John McCain/Sarah Palin (R): 4,135

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D): 1,582

U.S. Senator

Bob Schaffer (R): 3,549

Mark Udall (D): 1,773

U.S. Third Congressional District

John Salazar (D): 2,841

Wayne Wolf (R): 2,838

State Board of Education,

Third Congressional District

Marcia Neal (R): 3,593

Jill Brake (D): 1,723

State Senate District 8

Al White (R): 4,405

Ken Brenner (D): 1,288

State House District 57

Randy Baumgardner (R): 3,729

Todd Hagenbuch (D): 1,763

14th Judicial District Attorney

Elizabeth Oldham (R): 3,673

Tammy Stewart (D): 1,791

Moffat County Commissioner District 1

Tom Gray (R): 4,205

Lois Wymore (D): 1,482

Moffat County Commissioner District 2

Saed Tayyara (R): 4,740

Moffat County election results are now official.

Two members of the local canvass board tasked with certifying the number of votes cast in each race finished their work at 4 p.m. Thursday after finding one error from Election Day that caused 14 ballots to go missing.

One machine used to count paper mailed ballots became jammed because of the sheer number of ballots being fed through, said Lila Herod, Moffat County chief deputy clerk and recorder.

The canvass board recounted the votes from that machine and added them to the official totals.

Herod said it’s common for glitches to happen every Election Day, but that is why a canvass board is brought in to check the numbers.

“There are little things that happen all the time,” she said.

Herod added she is 100 percent certain the county’s results are now accurate.

Liane Davis-Kling, a registered Democrat, and Corrie Ponikvar, a registered Republican, worked together on the canvass board.

The two women hand-counted 881 randomly-selected paper and electronic ballots on Wednesday with the help of two Moffat County High School students. They then returned Thursday to the Courthouse and finished verifying that the number of votes cast in each precinct were the same as the number of votes counted.

The official returns show that Moffat County voted a straight Republican ticket, with the exception of re-electing Democratic U.S. Rep. John Salazar, who won by three votes.

Local residents also voted down all but one of the 14 statewide ballot questions, which affected issues ranging from energy industry taxes to abortion rights.

The lone measure passed in Moffat County was to make it possible for casinos to raise betting limits and extend hours, then give additional proceeds to Colorado community colleges.