County commission to interview board candidates |

County commission to interview board candidates

Scott Schlaufman

The Moffat County Commission is scheduled to interview candidates for open seats on county boards Thursday.

The interviews are slated for 15-minute slots at Thursday’s commission meeting.

Commissioner Audrey Danner said the interviews will be a chance for the commissioners to get to know candidates better before the board members are chosen in January.

“Some of the people we know very well, some people applied for more than one committee,” Danner said. “We have to narrow down in the unfortunate case when there’s more applicants than we have openings.”

The four candidates to be interviewed are Todd Jourgenson for The Memorial Hospital Board; P.J. Nichols for the Planning and Zoning Board; Bill Baker for the Maybell Volunteer Fire Department Board; and Dan Lowe for the Land Use Board.

The candidates could fill some of the 31 seats that will be empty on 11 county boards at the end of the year.

Of those, nine are currently vacant, one is due to Darryl Steele’s resignation from the Housing Authority Board, and 21 will be vacated because of the incumbent’s appointed term ending.

Of the incumbent board members, 14 have turned in letters of interest to return to their position.

Jourgenson is one of two candidates who applied for two five-year TMH Board openings, along with Kristen Nichols. Current board member Tinneal Gerber also turned in a letter of interest.

Lowe was the only non-incumbent to turn in a letter of interest for six open spots on the Land Use Board.

Ed Winters and Jeremy Casterson, both current members of the board, also submitted letters of interest, but three alternate spots will likely remain vacant.

P.J. Nichols, Lowe and Kelly Palaniuk all turned in letters of interest for two 3-year appointments to the Planning and Zoning Board. Wayne Counts, currently serving, also turned in a letter of interest.

Baker applied for one of four open spots on the Maybell Volunteer Fire Department Board, which will continue to have a vacancy. Of the three members whose terms are expiring only two, Sherry Johnson and Tanya Stoffle, turned in letters of interest in returning.

Two other people, Robin Brumback and Lois Stoffle, turned in letters of interest for board positions but will not be interviewed. Brumback turned in a letter for the Fair Board, which has three open spots. Stoffle turned in a letter to be an alternate for the Maybell Community Center.

Danner said that the interviews are not a traditional practice and are not indicative that a person will get the position. In the past, candidates have been chosen primarily from their letters of interest.

“I felt like this was important,” Danner said of the interviews. “We can do it by the letter of interest, but we can do it other ways, also.”