Country star Jake Gill to rock Moffat County Fair |

Country star Jake Gill to rock Moffat County Fair

Jake Gill will perform Friday as part of the 99th annual Moffat County Fair.
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Jake Gill concert

9 p.m. Friday

Moffat County Fairgrounds

— Tickets to Gill’s show in Craig are part of a package deal with the rodeo and Catch-a-Pig Contest, which start at 7 p.m. Friday. The cost for the night is $20 for ages 16 and older, $15 for kids 6 to 15 and free to ages 5 and younger.

What’s country life without country music?

As part of the 99th annual Moffat County Fair, country singer Jake Gill will perform in concert Friday night at the Moffat County Fairgrounds following the Ridin’ & Riggin’ Days Rodeo.

Gill is originally from Sylvia, Kansas and is an up-and-comer in the Nashville world whose Insanity Tour has taken him across the country promoting his album “Insanity,” complete with tunes like “Love’s Insanity,” “Halfway Through a Six Pack” and “Cricket Serenade,” as well as the new single “Baby I’m On It.”

The artist is also promoting his work with nonprofit organization Project AK-47, which works to rescue child soldiers around the world.

The Craig Press caught up with Gill on what he will bring to the stage of Moffat County.

What can the crowd in Moffat County expect at a Jake Gill performance? Is your repertoire largely original songs, covers, both? What kind of atmosphere defines your shows?

The audience Friday can fully expect to be a part of the show! We will perform all of our hits, including our new song “Baby I’m On It” and a selection of covers. We will let the audience pick a few of our songs that night at the show.

Do you prefer remote, country sites like Northwest Colorado when you’re on tour, or is a mix of small towns and urban areas better?

We travel all over the US and look forward to a new part of the country each time.

What inspired you to lend your support to an organization like Project AK-47 and what they do?

We exist to rescue child soldiers from lives of violence, restore their identities and reshape regions of conflict. I chose to work with Project AK-47 because not only can I help change young people’s lives, but I can help end violence and terrorism across the world.

As someone originally from Kansas, it seems like you’re right in between the Nashville country scene and the more Western cowboy sound. Would you say you align more with one than the other or do you feel the genre allows for variations?

It is very hard to define my music other that country rock with big guitars. But then, I will hit you with a tearjerker ballad.

How would you want the typical audience member to be transformed by your music?

Everyone at a concert is at a different point in their life. Just like you and me, we go through highs and lows. There will be some people there who need to hear some inspiration and encouragement. There will be some people in the audience who just want to celebrate and have a good time. Music can change lives and that is my goal.

Any other details you’d want people to know about attending one of your shows?

Just be prepared for an experience!