Cory Overton: Bad decisions by commissioners |

Cory Overton: Bad decisions by commissioners

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

I would like to know what constitutes the Moffat County Commissioners to decide they can’t afford to plow out the seniors of this community but can plow four miles of a county road 2 miles up and 2 miles back down and the time to get blade there and man hours. If funding is so tight why are we spending money on people to get up to the upper load out? The way I see it, the county commissioners have their priorities in the wrong area. Now they are talking about not funding the library. I would rather have a library that everyone can use, not a plowed road because the cabin owners are crying about how the lower load out is too muddy. We live in the mountains. You built a cabin up on that mountain, deal with it. Pay for private plowing. Our seniors need it to get out of their houses on a daily basis. Let’s see what’s on the chopping block plowing for seniors and maybe funding for library, and I bet we still don’t get swinging bridge fixed, all because of funding. But we can afford to plow a non-essential county road and give the commissioners raises. That’s great use of money by these guys. We all need to hope the new ones will reverse a lot of the decisions these people have made. Like the outrageous softball fees witch they lost all money from leagues because most went to Steamboat to play. Great job on that. Not plowing seniors but plow a non- essential road. Finally fix the swinging bridge.

Cory OvertonCory Overton

Cory Overton


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