Cops whip up on cops to benefit DARE effort |

Cops whip up on cops to benefit DARE effort

Lee Harstad

A battle on the gridiron between law enforcement officers from Moffat and Routt counties ended up with two “winners.” While Routt County squeaked out a 2-0 win, Moffat County walked away with the trophy.

The second annual D.A.R.E. Bowl Sunday was a battle of defenses in a struggle for both teams as Routt County scored two points after sacking Moffat County’s quarterback in the end zone.

The game is played to raise money for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program in Northwest Colorado. According D.A.R.E. officer Elise Andres of the Routt County Sheriff’s Department, the game raised about $1,300 for the program.

While winning the game, Routt County is not in possesion of the coveted trophy.

How the trophy came to rest in Moffat County is unknown to many, including Moffat County Sheriff Buddy Grinstead. The trophy is displayed in the Moffat County Sheriff’s Department and whether Routt County will get it back is still up in the air.

Andres woke up in the middle of the night and realized she had forgotten about the trophy.

“If they want to hold on to it and tell people fibs they can go ahead and do that,” Anders said. “But we won the game.”

Routt County Police Department Sgt. Dennis Hensen was not aware of a trophy being given to the winning team. He believes stealing the trophy from the winning team is common for people in Moffat County.

“That is typical of Moffat County. The sheriff (Grinstead) needs some kind of ego boost,” Hensen said. “He has a shallow character.”

Despite the missing trophy, which will add to the fire of the rivalry in future games, the game was well played.

“We showed that we came to play,” Grinstead said. “It was a defensive battle.” Moffat County had “one great drive” in which the team almost scored, but was held back by the solid defensive play by their competitors.

“It was a lot of fun and a great game,” Grinstead said. “Spirits were high.”

Hensen also believes players had a good time playing but comments the score could have and probably should have been higher.

“We tried to make it easier by not running up the score,” Hensen said. “The guys from Moffat County just weren’t up for it.”

Moffat County also took the jerseys of the Routt County team before the game. Players took the shirts right from the printer making them, and in order for Routt to get them back before the start of the game, Andres had to promise to buy lunch for Grinstead and Moffat County Undersheriff Jerry Hoberg

Routt County may have won the game, and besides not being in possesion of the trophy, they took even more hits. Troy McDaniels tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his knee during the battle. A crucial link in Routt’s game and the proclaimed star of the team, Pua “Killer” Utu, suffered a concussion. Utu reportedly played earlier in his career for the Los Angeles Rams.

“I am disappointed about the injuries, but the fans had a good time and we made a lot of money for the D.A.R.E. program,” said Andres.

Grinstead, Andres and Hensen said the game had a good turnout of fans.

For the second straight year, Routt County is celebrating a victory in the D.A.R.E. Bowl. Last year they handed Moffat County a 43-6 lashing.

“We are looking for a three-peat,” Hensen said.


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