Contract with NC Telecom ‘misguided,’ ‘ill-informed’

To the Editor,

“Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt!”

Rick Heming of NCT in his Feb. 11 letter definitely left no doubt. Heming has a friend in Lenin who said, “a lie told often enough becomes truth.”

Heming asserts that Jeff Taylor’s motivations are “at least partially based on his association with a wireless DSL competitor to NC Telecom.”

My company, Amigo.Net, is that wireless Internet provider. I first met Mr. Taylor around a year ago. Mr. Taylor has been exposing the ugliness of the NCT deal for three years. Heming’s statement is absurd. Heming talks about “spin,” maybe he should take a good hard look in the mirror.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” Sir Walter Scott

Heming’s idea that the Craig Daily Press shouldn’t give credence to Mr. Taylor because he lives in another state is equally absurd. To Heming, freedom of speech and freedom of the press only apply if you live in Moffat County. This is the same style of argument used by southern white racists when people from other states and the federal government brought justice to a depressed black race.

The Colorado Bill of Rights, Section 10 states, “No law shall be passed impairing the freedom of speech; every person shall be free to speak, write or publish whatever he will on any subject, being responsible for all abuse of that liberty.” Nowhere will you find in the federal Bill of Rights that freedom of speech only applies if you live within Moffat County.

“Let it be impressed upon your minds, let it be instilled into your children, that the liberty of the press is the palladium of all the civil, political, and religious rights.” Junius

I do agree with Heming on one point. NCT cannot be having financial problems. The way NCT deploys the highest-cost solution when less expensive and better solutions are available insures that NCT will surely have high profit margins; all at taxpayer expense and with the blessing of governmental officials.

“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” Thomas Jefferson

Mr. Taylor is correct that Moffat County was “misguided” in the participation of the fiber link. Heming and NCT “disagree with this position strictly on a technology basis.”

Heming doesn’t get it. Taylor never said that fiber wasn’t the best solution. He just disagrees with Moffat County taxpayers paying for the fiber link when it was going to be constructed and paid for by a CDOT program in cooperation with private companies. In essence, it was going to be done for FREE!!!

Somehow Heming believes that NCT can only build fiber facilities, poor, poor Northwest Colorado saved by NCT riding in on a white horse to save the day.

“In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled.” Paul Eldridge.

Heming needs to find his bottle of truth serum.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” Aldous Huxley.

Ken Swinehart,

Salida, Colo.

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