Contest entry: Snape was always evil |

Contest entry: Snape was always evil

Naomi Coty

For my entry, I’m going to write about several different things from the Harry Potter series.

The first is about Severus Snape. I always thought he was still on Voldemort’s side, but was just covering up really, really well. The last book, the Half- Blood Prince, proved right my suspicions, that he truly is evil.

It probably really angered a lot of readers that he killed Albus Dumbledore like it angered me.

The second thing is that I think Voldemort will be killed by Harry in the seventh book. I also think Snape will be killed by either Harry, Ron, or Hermione. It’s hard to say which, really.

I think that Malfoy will be killed by Voldemort, because he failed to kill Dumbledore. I believe that Malfoy’s mother will try to stop him, but will die by Voldemort also.

I have my doubts about Dumbledore actually being dead, but I think he is, and will make appearances through Harry’s thoughts. I also don’t think Sirius Black is dead either.

I think he will be back to join the Order of the Phoenix once again. I judge that Ron and Hermione will start dating; they’ve been destined for each other since the beginning. And that Harry and Ginny will continue dating.

I think that Fred and George will close their shop for a little while to join the Order. I think it’s pretty obvious that Harry will leave school, so I think that’s what he will do and I think that Ron and Hermione will join him.

It’s also understandable that security will be doubled at Hogwarts, but I think McGonagall will do just fine as headmistress. I also assume that more of the muggle world will learn a little of the wizarding world.

We can’t forget Hagrid. I feel that Hagrid won’t know what to do now that Dumbledore is gone, so he will run off with Madame Maxime.

The next thing I have on my mind is that I don’t imagine this to be the last book. I imagine JK Rowling will write about their lives after Hogwarts, if they don’t leave, and after Voldemort.

Maybe even a couple of marriages. I as well believe that if JK Rowling chose to write another book, Harry would either start a thing similar to Dumbledore’s Army, or become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

In addition, I assume Hermione will become a Hogwartst teacher. I reflect that Ron will invest in what his twin brothers do, or follow in his father’s footsteps. Then I’m going to write about things that I didn’t particularly like from the books.

I didn’t predominantly like that Voldemort chose Malfoy to kill Dumbledore, not that I wanted him dead to begin with. I didn’t like that Sirius Black had to die after spending so little time with Harry.

There are some things that I really DID like. I have my favorites from every book, but my favorite book, so far, would have to be the Half- Blood Prince.

There is just something about it I couldn’t get enough of. But that just might change after the Deathly Hallows comes out. My favorite character would have to be Harry. He’s really brave, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. I admire Harry’s relationship with Dumbledore.

Not everyone has as much wisdom to share, so Harry is doubly lucky. I think everyone loves Harry Potter because it’s a fantasy world that you can just get completely lost in.

My second grade school teacher started reading the first book to my class, and I fell in love, my friends hated it, but I loved it. It was like I could dive right in and join the characters, and I think that’s what a lot of people feel.

JK Rowling is an amazing author to make you feel like that. If Hogwarts was a real place, I think that I would jump at the opportunity to go to a school like that. It would be a great thing to experience.

I think tons of people would love to get the idea of a mystical place with lots of adventures.

Although the fifth movie in the Harry Potter series is coming out soon, I favor the books overall. I imagine a lot of people do, just for the simple fact that it has more detail, and when you are watching the movies, you are seeing the characters, not reading it and experiencing it for yourself.

While you watch the movies, you actually get to see what is being described in the book, so that is a plus. But I prefer the books still. I think on the whole it’s a great series.

I’m a huge fan and I would recommend it to anyone, and I think they would become fans too. I would encourage everyone to at least try to read them, I can guarantee that you will fall in love. I know I did!

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