Contest entry: Snape, friend or foe? |

Contest entry: Snape, friend or foe?

Greg Blackstun

The question of Snape’s loyalty has been an unending saga in all 6 books.

The most recent event of Dumbledore’s murder would cause any rational thinker to believe Snape is just as evil as You Know Who; however, there happens to be people who wish to say otherwise.

The polyjuice potion is a potential explanation for Snape’s innocence.

Imagine for a moment how much this potion could change the outcome of the 7th book.

Maybe Snape didn’t actually kill Dumbledore at all.

Perhaps Snape’s victim was under the influence of the polyjuice potion.

The Dark Lord already had little trust in Snape.

The “killing” of Dumbledore would gain Snape access to Voldemort’s future plots and plans.

The second, and possibly most important reason is the fact that Severous never seized the opportunity to finish Mr.

Potter off.

For six years, he has had Harry at the mercy of his wand.

The counterpoint, which is often brought up, is that Voldemort will not be invincible if he himself does not kill Harry Potter.

Therefore, Snape has been ordered not to finish him off However, as the prophecy says.

Harry is the only one who can defeat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

With Harry gone there is no necessity for Voldemort to be invincible.

If Snape had killed Harry, there would no longer be anyone to challenge the Dark Lord.

This of course questions Snape’s loyalty to the Dark Lord.

Last of all is what Snape has contributed to Harry’s training.

Anyone in their right mind would never seek to help their enemy.

If Snape were in fact on the Dark Lord’s side, then why would he train Harry to defeat Voldemort? Take for example occlumencey.

He gave Potter private lessons to shield his mind from You Know Who.

Why exactly would he try to defeat his own leader? No one can actually say that Snape is on Voldemort’s side when such a fact is taken into consideration.

Some still may say that Snape is undeniably evil.

Although when faced with these facts, even the most narrow-minded person cannot deny that there is a possibility of a good Snape.

All hypothetical situations have the same credit as of now.

The answer won’t truly be revealed until J.K. Rowling’s newest book is released.

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