Contest entry: Sirius isn’t really dead |

Contest entry: Sirius isn’t really dead

Anna Mclntosh

Several years ago a new book came out.

It was called “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Some people read it.

Then the sequel came out.

More and more people read it.

By the time the third book came out, almost everyone knew who Harry Potter was, perhaps even before.

It was a sensation.

Seven books later, millions upon millions of people are reading these books, and now people are waiting with anticipation for the publication of the final one.

I have had several theories, most of which tend to fall apart as I read another chapter of another book.

Many people have theories, but I believe that mine are different than most, if not all.

I believe that Sirius isn’t really dead at all, just trapped somewhere.

If you read the part in book five, just before he falls beyond the veil, it says that he was hit by a jet of light, it does not specify what color, or what the spell was.

Several people say yes, but he went past the veil, so he is dead, gone, no longer in existence.

Who is to say what would happen to a live person if they went beyond the veil.

So, Sirius could have been hit by a spell that killed him or one that just hurt him or knocked him off balance.

There is a loophole.

Also, I think that Snape is not loyal to anyone.

He was a friend of James, then he joined Voldemort, then he came back and helped Harry, then he killed Dumbledore, then who knows what.

He also left the service of Voldemort.

No one dares do this, unless it is out of fear to be caught among his followers.

How could anyone who does this so many times have any loyalties? I do think though that there is a slight possibility that Dumbledore is alive, although I do not believe he is.

Here are the reasons.

First, Snape was always making up his own spells, as we read in book six.

He could have just as easily said any number of spells, with either a same, or slightly different pronunciation, and any number of hand movements.

In order to do a certain charm you have to swish and flick, or it will not work or come out right.

So, if to do Avada Kedavra, you had to flick, a swish could alter it quite easily.

Also, Dumbledore trusted Snape as much as he trusted Hagrid.

Dumbledore is a smart man, not easily fooled by anyone.

Why would Snape come back and be loyal to Dumbledore and then kill him unless he had other motives under the pressure of the moment.

Many people think that Ron and Hermione are going to end up together.

I do not agree.

Also it seems as if Harry and Ginny are going to end up together.

I do not agree with this either.

I think there is a going to be a war in this last book, a war of the wizards, between light and dark.

It is awfully hard for people to be falling in love when they are in a battle.

I think what makes the Harry Potter books so interesting, not just to the teenage population, is that he is a normal boy, for lack of a better term, just trying to live a normal life.

He has triumphs and problems.

He’s a natural at Quidditch and casting spells.

He has teachers don’t agree with him and a family that doesn’t like or support him.

People like characters in stories that they can relate to partially, if not more.

If he was good at everything with no problems except for Voldemort, people wouldn’t like him as much because no one has a life like that.

People may like the idea of a ‘Utopia’ at first, but after a while; sometimes they don’t like the idea as much.

Also, he isn’t a complete failure.

If he couldn’t do anything, than people wouldn’t be attracted to him the way that they are.

I think that J.K. Rowling did an excellent job at writing this series.

They are great books and should be appreciated. They are simple and complex.

A child can enjoy what is happening at that moment, but and adult can also enjoy putting together the different parts.

I do not believe however, that these are books to be obsessed over to the point that they have been.

It is fun to obsess for some moments, but when you no longer want to and your friend does, it literally takes away the magic of the story.

Congratulations with your story, Ms. Rowling.

It will never be forgotten.

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