Contest entry: Harry will shoot himself with his own wand |

Contest entry: Harry will shoot himself with his own wand

Cathy Childs

Snape is a spy among the Death Eaters, working for Dumbledore.

Dumbledore already knew he was going to die soon, and persuaded Snape to “finish him off.” Snape did this only after much soul-searching and protesting.

The “murder” served to allay the Death Eaters’ concerns that Snape may be a double agent for Dumbledore and the good guys (which he actually is) and allowed him to continue to move freely among them.

The “murder” also allows Dumbledore to continue to work for the forces of good from behind the mysterious “curtain of death.”

Other spies for Dumbledore are the Longbottoms, held against their will in a Death Eater-run sanatorium. Neville’s parents are putting on a “crazy act” that allows them to get a lot of information.

When Snape left with Draco, he was actually kidnapping the boy, to protect him from Lucius.

While in hiding, Snape and Draco will argue, and Snape will reveal that Lucius does not have his son’s best interests at heart.

But Draco will scoff. Draco will escape and rejoin his father in the Death Eaters’ camp. At first all will appear to be well between Draco and Lucius as they are summoned join the Death Eaters for a big gathering.

Voldemort is expected to announce the last major “push” to defeat the forces of good for all time.

Harry has received mysterious messages from Sirius, who upon reaching the afterlife has learned something important regarding Voldemort’s secret vulnerability.

But Sirius can only tell Harry that the boy himself holds the answer to defeating the Dark Lord. Harry presses Sirius for more clues, but the communications from Siruis are very cryptic, and Harry is frustrated at his slowness in deciphering them.

His friends are baffled as well.

When Harry goes to see the new painting of Dumbledore, he is told not to expect the picture to talk to him, because there’s a waiting period for departed headmasters to be able to speak.

But as soon as Harry is about to leave the room after having been left alone with the painting, he is delighted to hear Dumbledore quietly call him back into the room.

To Harry’s delight, Dumbledore speaks with him. Harry tells Dumbledore about the mysterious message from Sirius. Dumbledore tells Harry that he himself has learned much in the afterlife.

But all he tells Harry is that the boy does indeed hold the key to defeating the dark forces. Harry wants to know more, but Dumbledore falls asleep in his frame.

Harry sullenly leaves the office. But he doesn’t have much time to contemplate the message before he is called into action. He overhears worried faculty discussing an upcoming Death Eaters gathering.

Harry meets with Ron and Hermione to fill them in on what he has learned from Dumbledore.

Ron and Hermione can hardly believe that the painting of Dumbledore talks.

As Hermione points out, there is a waiting period that has never been waived in the entire history of the school. Harry impatiently says that isn’t the point.

Dumbledore’s message is basically the same as that from Sirius. But what does Harry have that will defeat Voldemort? The three conclude that it must have to do with the last horcrux.

They figure that the only thing that Harry has that seems to fit the bill is his wand.

Has Voldemort indeed captured the final piece of his soul in Harry’s wand?

Harry thinks about this for a while, then hatches a daring plan of his own to defeat Voldemort.

He will challenge the Dark Lord to a wand duel. All his friends immediately try to discourage him from this very dangerous undertaking. But Harry is adamant.

In the end they all, including Neville, Luna and Ginny, insist on joining Harry in the dangerous venture, overcoming his objections. He doesn’t want his friends to be in danger, but there is no dissuading them.

The students manage to sneak into the Death eater’s rally unobserved. It’s being held in a huge amphitheater that reminds them of the Colosseum. At the gathering, all are surprised to see the Longbottoms held prisoner. This is too much for Neville. He cries out, and the group is discovered.

It looks like Harry was right to be worried, as he and his friends are all quickly captured by Death Eaters.

Draco gloats over this apparent victory, but his delight turns to horror as it is revealed that Voldemort has commanded to prove his loyalty by sacrificing his child.

For the first time, Draco sees his father (and Voldemort and his followers) as they really are. He will also see Snape for what he really is, a force on the side of good.

Harry offers himself as a substitute sacrifice to Voldemort in order to save his friends and Draco as well. Voldemort pretends to accept the deal but seizes both boys.

He is about to finish Harry off when Snape intervenes with a daring plan of his own to save Harry and Draco, who were always his favorite students. But no sooner has Harry realized Snape really is a friend after all, than Voldemort kills Snape. Snape’s whispers a few last words to Harry, as the two are finally reconciled. No one else has heard what Snape said.

Harry challenges Voldemort to a wand duel. He seems to be winning. But Voldemort taunts Harry, telling all that these are to be Harry’s final moments of life. Then, to the horror of all Harry’s friends, Harry turns his wand directly at his own face and utters a fateful curse. Has Voldemort taken control of Harry at last and forced him to commit suicide?

Harry is thrown into excruciating pain as the wand does its work. He falls to the ground, apparently dead. Voldemort laughs.

But it turns out that it is Voldemort who is dying. Voldemort realizes what Harry has done. He cries out that he has underestimated the boy. It is too late for Voldemort. This time he really is gone. The Dark Mark appears in the sky and is obliterated. All the Dark Marks on the arms of his followers also are obliterated.

Harry’s friends hardly notice this, as they rush over to the lifeless Harry. Ginny throws herself tearfully on Harry’s chest. Then Hermione makes an important discovery. Harry’s scar is gone!

Harry is alive, albeit dazed. He tells everyone what Snape told him. It was the final piece of the puzzle. The final horcrux was Harry’s famous scar itself, and Harry destroyed it.

That explains all the strange pain and premonitions regarding Voldemort over the years. It also explained why Harry was The Boy who Lived. Voldemort was keeping him alive as a living repository for the last piece of his own soul, and had planned to take back the scar and dispense with Harry.

But Harry won at last.

Draco is numb with shock at the loss of his father. Yet he has a new respect for Harry, and it looks like they might even turn out to be friends.

The grateful government offers Harry the job he has always wanted, to be an auror. But to his friends’ surprise, Harry turns it down. He has had another offer. All the departed headmasters have voted, and they want Harry to become the youngest-ever headmaster at Hogwarts.

He’ll have good advice in the job from Dumbledore Harry’s first act as Hogwarts’ new headmaster will be to give Hagrid the promotion long denied him.

All ends happily, with wedding plans for Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny.

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