Contest entry: Harry Potter has changed my life |

Contest entry: Harry Potter has changed my life

Courtney D. Kudera

Harry Potter has tickled at my imagination. The first book was wonderous.

Hagrid telling young, “normal” Harry he’s a wizard must of been a strong shock for Harry. Harry thinking his whole life that there was no such thing as magic. Having a cupboard as his room for his whole life, then finally being treated like royalty must have been a big change. A lot of changes happened in the beginning of the first book of the Harry Potter series.

The end of the first book was exiting and adventerous. When they were in the Devils Snare you could never guess what would happen next.

Ron, Harry and Hermonie playing wizards chess was the most thrilling part of the book. Then it came to the riddle and potions. I thought that Harry wouldn’t make it through, but with the help of Hermonie, Harry made it. The first book of this incredible series was mind boggling.

The second year at Hogwarts is mysterious and wild. Dobby warning Harry not to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, risking his own life to try to save another, was courageous of Dobby, the house elf.

The messages on the walls that Ginny wrote were hair raising. Voldermort hypnotizing Ginny (Ron’s little sister) to write the frightening messages on the walls and threatening the school to close was really evil. Petrifying people was horrible.

The giant spiders almost eating Ron and Harry was wild. Just the spiders were creepy.

Harry fighting a giant snake with just a single sword to save Ron’s little sister was very heroic.

When Harry freed Dobby from Malfoy it was one of the most kind and thoughtful things Harry had done in his first two years at Hogwarts.

The third book was my favorite. Dementors were awesome. The creatures that sucked out souls were coming after Harry, only because he had terrible memories from the past.

When Fred and George gave Harry the Marauder’s Map (a map that tells what everyone is doing at every minute of the day), it was a good idea.

Figuring out that Professor Lupin was a werewolf was unexpected.

Learning that Sirus was innocent was unsuspecting also.

My favorite part of the whole book was when Harry and Hermonie went back in time with the time turner.

Peter Petigrew hiding from the world by transforming in to a rat was sly.

Rescuing Sirus and Buckbeak was so heroic and lifesaving for Sirus and Buckbeak.

“The Goblet of Fire” the fourth year was the most exciting book. The Quiditch match was outstanding and creepy all at the same time. The tents would have definitely not worked unless they had magic.

When the Goblet drew a fifth player of the games, it was shocking. My favorite part was when Harry had to fight the dragon. Then Harry went through the Human Maze. Once Harry reached the end of the maze and touched the trophy, Voldermort showed up in his life again. Harry also saw Peter Petigrew, his foe from last year.

The fifth book was awesome! Harry tried to use magic outside school. He got in trouble by the Ministry of Magic. Harry was only trying to save himself and his cousin.

Once Harry got back to school, more trouble started to happen. Voldermort could start reading Harry’s thoughts and Harry could read Voldermort’s thoughts.

Harry, Heromine, Ron, and Lulu fought Voldermort once and Sirus died.

The sixth and final book is the coolest book of them all. “Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince”, Harry tried to defeat Voldermort once more with Dumbledore.

Harry and Dumbledore went across the lake with zombies in the water. Harry and Dumbledore were trying to get a locket which was at the bottom of a goblet. The goblet was on an island in the middle of the lake. There was a poison in the goblet that Dumbledore drank. They found a locket but, not the one they were looking for.

When they got back to Hogwarts, Snake killed Dumbledore. The school had a funeral for Dumbledore. That was the end of that year at Hogwarts.

I am very anxious for the seventh book to come out. The minute I get it, I am going to start reading it. Harry Potter has changed my life. Harry has opened a world of fiction and imagination for me. This breathtaking series is unique because not only do I enjoy it, so does my grandmother.

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