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‘Conquer the world’: Five minutes with Alex Selan, 19, barista at Mudd Shack

Alex Selan mixes whipped cream into a pair of blended drinks at the drive-thru Mudd Shack. Selan, 19, works as a barista for the business and is planning to study cosmetology at Colorado Northwestern Community College.
Andy Bockelman

Where is your hometown? “Right here. I was born in Craig and grew up here.”

What has kept you in Craig? “Right now, school. I’m going to attend (Colorado Northwestern Community College) for cosmetology. I just moved back from Fort Collins because it was a little too expensive.”

Motto or outlook on life? “My motto is a quote from Marilyn Monroe: ‘Give a girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world.’”

Favorite meal from a local restaurant? “Los Jilbertos makes great enchiladas. I don’t really like Tex-Mex kinds of food because my grandma’s Spanish and makes actual Mexican food, so I like them because they’re not so Americanized like Taco Bell or other places.”

Favorite part of your job? “Part of it is my boss, she’s really like another mom for me. I also like experimenting with new drinks. Some people order some weird combinations, like somebody ordered our Koala Kiss with espresso. It’s kiwi, coconut and butter rum, so it’s already really fruity and it wouldn’t blend right at all with anything else.”

Dream vacation? “I’d backpack Europe. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, those are the ones I’d really want to see. My family’s gone to a lot of those countries, but they’ve always left me behind because I was either too young to go or something like that.”

Celebrity dream date? “Johnny Depp, or Heath Ledger, if he was still alive.”

Place you’d most like to live?
“I have a friend who lives down in Brazil, and all the things she’s told me about it makes me really want to move there. I’ve always been an art geek and I just have a thing for pretty places.”

Out of all the flavors you use at work, which most matches your personality? “I’d say the red hot cinnamon. (Laughs) My boss would probably say that’s my attitude.”

Proudest accomplishment? “At 19, it’s really hard to say. I guess all I could say is graduating high school. A lot of my friends are already married with kids, and that kind of freaks me out, so I’m just glad to be where I am.”

Most embarrassing moment? “There’s a couple answers for that. (Laughs) In high school, we were running up and down the bleachers in gym, and I tripped and ate it hard. I was in good shape from playing volleyball and I was making fun of my friends for complaining about running literally two minutes before I caught my foot and face-planted. There was another time when we were doing a psychology experiment in class where a friend is supposed to lead you blindfolded. We were walking down the first floor hallway, and we were doing pretty good until she let me walk into the door of the teacher I absolutely hated the most in the whole school. My nose starts gushing, broken, and I wake up on the floor and a whole class of kids is staring at me in a pool of blood. ”

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