Company applies for broadcasting permit |

Company applies for broadcasting permit

Area may see new talk radio station

Christina M. Currie

With 12 radio stations and 6 television stations already under his belt, George Flinn Jr., president of Flinn Broadcasting Company, is ready to open several more and one of those, he hopes, will be in Craig.

Flinn Broadcasting Company owns Broadcasting for the Challenged, a station committed to offering programming designed to educate and benefit physically, mentally or emotionally challenged individuals.

It has submitted an application to put a radio station on the air in Craig.

If the application is approved by the Federal Communications Commission, Broadcasting for the Challenged will erect an antenna and transmitter on Roberts Road off Moffat County Road 30 southwest of Craig.

“Broadcasting for the Challenged anticipates providing an array of locally and nationally produced programming designed to facilitate learning and general information access to disadvantaged or challenged adults and children,” the application states. “Broadcasting for the Challenged anticipates that its broadcast station will provide a forum and outlet for those organizations committed to assisting challenged individuals.”

The format of the proposed station will allow for extensive audience feedback. The station plans to offer discussion groups, news talk shows, community forums and local council coverage of meetings where issues important to the community and the challenged specifically are addressed. There will also be educational children’s programming geared toward addressing not only traditional subjects such as English, history and math, but also more sensitive topics such as parent and child relationships, crime, drug abuse, gangs, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and race relations.

“Generally, those difficult topics which are sometimes not addressed in traditional venues such as the schools or the home,” Flinn said. “It is the purpose of the corporation to have an educational, cultural, instructional, charitable and spiritual impact on the community.

“Broadcasting for the Challenged views its broadcast stations as an opportunity to provide programming which may be geared specifically toward challenged individuals but which will have universal application and appeal to all,” he said.

The non-commercial company has a non-profit 501(c)(3) status. According to the application, the company has sufficient net liquid assets or sufficient funds to construct and operation a station for three months without revenue.

The Flinn Broadcasting Company owns 12 radio and three television stations in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nevada, Louisiana and Alabama and has more than 160 applications pending to open stations across the United States, including Steamboat Springs and Craig.