Community needs informed vote |

Community needs informed vote

To the Editor

To the Editor,
In last year’s election only 1,633 votes were cast out of 6,019 registered voters. That tells us that 4,386 don’t care if their tax is increased or not, or just couldn’t make it to the polls. The state, city, county and school district will be after all they can get. And last year with only 1,633 votes cast, the city only needed 817 votes to pass their tax bill.
When the city officials told everyone that if their bill did not pass that they would have to cut programs and dismiss employees, you can be sure most of the employees will vote for the tax bill, add to that the fact that the school board said that they backed the city bill, then you have the school district employees voting for the city bill.
You can see how it wasn’t hard for them to get the 817 votes to pass the tax bill. The more voters that come out and cast their vote no matter how they vote as long as they are informed on the issues, the better our community will be.
Robert L. Shelton,


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