Community Budget Center’s executive director wants to lift up people in the community |

Community Budget Center’s executive director wants to lift up people in the community

Amanda Eisenhauer is the new executive director of the Community Budget Center. She said she wants to provide a light of hope for people when they need it.
Amber Delay/Craig Press

Craig native Amanda Eisenhauer has stepped in as executive director of the Community Budget Center as the former director, Karen Brown, retired earlier this month.

Eisenhauer said she is excited to take everything Brown has put in place over the years and continue working toward the mission of the organization.

“She is a shining example in the community,” Eisenhauer said.

The transition into the executive director’s role was fast for Eisenhauer after Brown’s 24-year tenure with the organization. But Eisenhauer first began working with the Community Budget Center two years ago and has earned her way into the leadership position.

“Unfortunately, I had to do some community service, and I think everyone here saw potential in me,” Eisenhauer said. “They said that they were hiring and kept encouraging me to apply.”

Eisenhauer said the budget center’s crew has always been great to work with. In fact, it was the encouragement from everyone Eisenhauer was working with that led her to apply for the job.

Outside of work, Eisenhauer is mother to a 2-year-old daughter. Making her daughter proud was another big influence that led to Eisenhauer taking on this leadership role.

Eisenhauer said her daughter will always come first in life, but landing the job is a huge bonus for Eisenhauer, who gets to take on a role where she is tasked with helping the community.

“I really like the fact that I get to help people,” Eisenhauer said. “I have been in a position to need help before.”

The newly appointed director said the best thing about being in this role is watching people thrive once they get some of the help that they need.

“It’s an investment you put in for people,” Eisenhauer explained. “Then you get to see them do something with it.”

As executive director, Eisenhauer handles all of the consultations for community members to get assistance through the budget center and other community resources.

“I believe in this place,” Eisenhauer said. “They’ve been here for me and helped me when I have needed it.”

The Community Budget Center sees assistance as a stepping stone that helps people get what they need to better their circumstances, Eisenhauer explained. She said her office is a place where very sensitive conversations take place, and she gives a lot of hugs.

“It’s hard for people to come in and ask for help,” Eisenhauer said, “so I want to lift them up and provide that light of hope when they need it.”

In addition to connecting clients to financial resources for things like utility assistance or rental assistance, Eisenhauer also works one on one with clients on developing a personal budget. All of the assistance services are delivered on an individual and confidential basis.

The Community Budget Center also works closely with other human services agencies to provide referrals for assistance.

“We’re community driven,” Eisenhauer said. “This place wouldn’t run without the community. We are just managing it.”

Eisenhauer brings previous experience in management —from working in local restaurant management and most recently managing her family’s salvage yard east of Craig.

More than anything, Eisenhauer hopes to serve the community to the best of her ability and meet the expectations that have been set for the budget center.

“I want to make this community proud and lift them up as much as I can,” Eisenhauer said.

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