Commissioners: Loudy-Simpson pond may be due for upgrades |

Commissioners: Loudy-Simpson pond may be due for upgrades

On Tuesday, the Moffat County Commission praised the grounds department and discussed a potential 2013 project at Loudy-Simpson Park.

Lenny Gillam, grounds department director, attended Tuesday's commission meeting seeking permission to hire a new facilities maintenance technician.

The request was approved, 3-0. But before Gillam left the meeting, commissioner Audrey Danner said grounds department staffers deserved a moment in the spotlight for their work during a weekend full of community activities.

"I will compliment Lenny and his staff for all their hard work (at Loudy-Simpson) over the weekend with Triple Crown, the concert, and the balloon and BBQ event," she said. "The park looked great and that was a big job."

Commissioners Tom Gray and Tom Mathers echoed Danner’s sentiments, but Gray also took the opportunity to gauge interest in a potential project at Loudy-Simpson Park.

Last week, Gray attended the public works meeting and asked those in attendance to come up with ideas for 2013 projects.

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Gray said an idea occurred to him over the weekend while attending the Balloons and BBQ Blast at Loudy-Simpson Park.

"We need to do something about that pond on the right as you turn into Loudy," he said. "It's about three-feet deep when it's clear full, it's covered with moss, it gets too hot and (right now) it's not a good fishing hole."

Considering its budget season, Gray said now is an appropriate time to consider allocating funds to dredge and deepen the Loudy-Simpson Park pond in 2013.

It would be an expensive undertaking, the commissioners agreed, but would also be a worthwhile project considering the pond is the first sight visitors to the park see.

"Every year we see so many families using it, but now you just see people on some of the edges," Danner said.

Because the condition of the subsurface is unknown, Mathers suggested draining the pond in the fall to give soils time to harden before bringing an excavator to deepen it.

"Right now, it's a slew," Mathers said. "When you see a bird walk all the way across that and never get its elbows wet, then you know it isn't very deep."

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In other action …

During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Moffat County Commission:

• Approved, 3-0, a $563,317 bid from Peak Services to retrofit the HVAC system at the Moffat County Courthouse.

• Approved, 3-0, hiring a facilities maintenance technician for the grounds department.