Commissioners did a good job with ambulance service |

Commissioners did a good job with ambulance service

The Moffat County Commissioners have been diligent in finding a solution to the ongoing problem surrounding ambulance service near Dinosaur and Rangely.

For the last several weeks, commissioner Chuck Grobe has highlighted various issues with ambulance service to western Moffat County.

On Tuesday, the town of Dinosaur met with the commissioners to discuss how to better serve those who need an ambulance in that part of the county.

We'd like to commend the commissioners for their ongoing efforts to resolve this potentially dangerous situation.

If proper ambulance service isn't in place, it puts lives at risk. The Memorial Hospital serves those areas, yet if there were a life-threatening situation, it would take TMH 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to a patient.

The proposed solution that Dinosaur and Moffat County outlined is exactly the kind of partnership citizens need.

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The Dinosaur Town Council and the Moffat County Commissioners agreed to see if Gold Cross — an emergency medical service that run out of Vernal, Utah — could service ambulance runs to the western corner of the state in a more timely fashion than TMH.

Essentially, Gold Cross would train residents in western Moffat County to be volunteer emergency medical technicians for roughly $630 per person, excluding travel expenses.

The proposal is that Moffat County would provide $6,000 per year — the same amount it has provided in the past for Rangely to provide services — to help train volunteers.

If this deal goes through, it seems to us to be a great solution.

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