Commissioner responds to concerns about human resources, addressing |

Commissioner responds to concerns about human resources, addressing

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to read your (Paul Bishop’s) letter to the Commissioners in the paper (published Oct. 10).

If you are that concerned, a phone call with a request to meet for lunch would have certainly gotten my attention and some much needed answers to your questions; heck, I might even buy your lunch. I would like to take a moment to address just a couple of your concerns.

Your question regarding addressing: This awareness rose out of a situation when a call for emergency response occurred. An address was given and when the response team arrived, there was no home at the address given. This situation is more common than you might think.

I have four neighbors that live within a mile of me and all four have a mailing address that reads County Road 29. Not one of these homes are located on CR 29, nor do they have a driveway that intersects with CR 29. Two of these homes are close to a quarter mile in distance from the CR and their own mailboxes. How would an ambulance, fire, or sheriff know where these residence are if all they had to respond to is a mailbox location, which is located on CR 29?

Your point about the Human Resources Department not having an active file of applicants: You state, “I can’t name any HR departments that operate as such … can you?”

Yes, I can. My wife works at Twentymile Coal in the HR department; this is exactly how they work. Modern day business practices are different today. Companies utilize outsourcing. In the case of employment applications, the Colorado Workforce Center, a state-supported employment assistance office, is the primary source. When a job vacancy is identified, this office is notified. The employees at the Workforce Center will screen for qualified and interested applicants based upon the criteria provided by the organization and those applications are forwarded to the organization for final screening and the interviews begin.

This all works very conveniently, with one location for those looking for employment and one source to provide applications for companies in need of employees. You can verify just how well this works by visiting the Workforce Center at 480 Barclay.

This process helps HR departments in many ways. One is that they don’t have to retain file drawers of old, new, male, female, minority, non-minority, qualified, unqualified, or rejected applications.

These are just a couple of the issues that you questioned. If you would like to discuss the others, please contact me at 824-5517. Paul, the job of Commissioner is one that is very broad and increasingly complex. Keeping pace, balance, with some efficiency in the modern business place and our changing world really keeps us on our toes.


Les Hampton

Moffat County commissioner

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