Colorado Northwestern Community College Flying Team qualifies for nationals |

Colorado Northwestern Community College Flying Team qualifies for nationals

Craig Press staff report

CRAIG — The flying team at Colorado Northwestern Community College has a new feather in its caps — an invitation the 2018 National Intercollegiate Flying Association National competition.

The CNCC National Intercollegiate Flying Team competed against colleges and universities from Colorado, Utah and Montana Oct. 9 through 13 at the Regional Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

"Our flight students worked really well as a team and excelled at the events when it mattered most. The culmination of their efforts was second in the region; right behind the U.S. Air Force," said CNCC Flight Instructor Jason Krueger.

Through the course of the October competition, CNCC had no disqualifications and earned its second safety trophy in four years.

Will Drbohlav, CNCC Flight Team captain, won Top Pilot in the Region by accruing 122 points, more than a quarter of the team total and seven points more than the top Air Force cadet. Drbohlav is the first Top Pilot in the region from CNCC since 2010.

The team’s total points earned them a second-place finish and an invitation to the National SAFECON Competition, slated for May at the University of Indiana.

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The last time the CNCC flying team was invited to nationals was in 2014, and it finished second in the nation among two-year schools.

"Getting an invitation to the national competition at the University of Indiana is a tremendous opportunity for our college and students," said CNCC Vice President of Instruction Michelle Landa. "The students and coaches have worked hard to prepare for the competition and will continue to do so through May."

She also acknowledged the hard work of faculty and volunteer coaches — Nathan Hardin, Kyle Baker and Steve Humann.

In order to offset some of the costs of participating at the national competition, the CNCC Flight Team will hold fundraisers throughout the year. It is selling CNCC Flight Team apparel, shirts and hats. The team is also holding a potluck dinner starting at 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 10, at the Rangely Airport.

"Our flight team is looking forward to competing at nationals," Krueger said.

For more information about these fundraising efforts, call Krueger at 970-675-3223.

Colorado Northwestern Community College “top 20” finishes:

Here is a listing of the results of the CNCC National Intercollegiate Flying Team


Regional Top Pilot
First place — Will Drbohlav with 122 total points       

Aircraft Preflight
Second place — Matt Harwood
Ninth place — Isaac Sloan
Tenth place — William Drbohlav

Aircraft Recognition
Ninth place — Matt Harwood
Eleventh place — Daniel Quatrochi
Nineteenth place — Gabriel Newby

Flight Computer
Eighteenth place — Will Gruening

Flight Simulator
Eight place — Will Drbohlav
Tenth place — Daniel Quatrochi
Twelfth place — Will Gruening

Message Drop
Tenth place — Dropmaster Hiro Maruyama and Pilot Matt Harwood
Twelfth place — Dropmaster Echo Campbell and Pilot Sam Schroeder
Fifteenth place — Dropmaster Isaac Sloan and Pilot Daniel Quatrochi
Seventeenth  place — Dropmaster Lexi Topoly  and Pilot Kris Kauber

Aircraft Navigation
Forth place — Pilot Will Drbohlav and Navigator Kris Kauber
Fifth place — Pilot Will Gruening and Navigator Matt Harwood
Thirteenth place — Pilot Isaac Sloan and Navigator Daniel Quatrochi

Power Off Landings
Fifth place — Will Drbohlav
Tenth place — Matt Harwood
Eighteenth place — Daniel Quatrochi
Nintheenth place — Kris Kauber
Ninteeth place  — Hiro Maruyama

Short Field Landings
Sixth place — Kris Kauber
Tenth place — Hiro Maruyama
Eleventh place — Will Drbohlav
Eighteenth place — Matt Harwood

Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation
Forth place — Will Gruening
Sixth place — Matt Harwood
Ninth place — Will Drbohlav
Twelfth place — Daniel Quatrochi
Thirteenth place — Isaac Sloan