Colorado Northwestern Community College campus update |

Colorado Northwestern Community College campus update

Craig Daily Press Staff Report

— The state Community College System has received the Trade Adjustment Assistance, or TAA, grant. CNCC has created a faster, more direct series of college prep courses as part of that program.

Many non-traditional learners choose to pursue a degree after being out of school for several years, lacking skills necessary for college-level classes. It typically could take as many as four semesters of prep classes before these learners would be able to start earning credits toward their degree, making it a slow and expensive process.

With the TAA grant, CNCC is redesigning college prep classes and making it possible for some students to get ready for college-level courses in a fraction of the time — and for as little as $300 using computer-aided and individualized instruction.

The program is in its first phase of development and has seen about a 91 percent success rate.

For more information on the grant and program, call CNCC marketing director Jeff Stoddard at 970-675-3289.


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