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Code enforcer not needed here

To the Editor

To the Editor
In regard to Craig’s code enforcement specialist, our town will not go to ruins without Rex Splitt. Before Rex was code enforcer the laws were still there. City code was enforced when there was a complaint. I know, I got a registered letter for a wrecked car in my yard. A car which I removed.
City codes are needed, an enforcement specialist is not. If a neighborhood has a problem with a land owner they can call the police and make a complaint the city code would be enforced.
If a neighborhood has no problem why should Rex?
Rex Splitt did not want to be police chief anymore. So he writes his own meal ticket, got the City Council to go for his plan and now goes around town harassing Craig’s residents.
Craig is a rural community, not some high-priced resort. The money spent on a code enforcement specialist could be spent on city street repair, schools, stinky sewer lagoons and the like.
Let’s go back to the way it was before we employed a code enforcement specialist. I for one like less government, not more.
James Merett,


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