CNCC students’ fund-raiser is huge success |

CNCC students’ fund-raiser is huge success

Lois Wymore

Two cosmetology students at Colorado Northwestern Community College who are mothers from Steamboat Springs used some of the same skills they’ve used for fund-raising at their children’s school to help students at the Cosmetology Center.

Maria Kaminski and Andrea Kortas were concerned about the budget cuts at CNCC and the lack of funds to pay for special seminars, demonstrations and equipment that keep students informed and educated.

The two and their classmates said they understood the importance of special classes conducted by expects in areas such as hair coloring and hair cutting, and new equipment and how to use it. They also understand how the state’s budget restraints have affected Colorado education.

“We’ve talked about fund-raising for several weeks. Then, when it was time for our kids’ school (Soda Creek Elementary School) to do the annual poinsettia/wreath drive, well, we just asked if it was possible to do the same for the Cosmetology Center, and they said yes.”

“We used the same techniques used for all the elementary school fund-raisers,” Kaminski said.

Students went across town and took orders, and they delivered the plants last week. The final tally was $600.

“A huge profit for a first time fund-raising effort,” she said

She said she was delighted by how the community responded so positively to their efforts.

“We are so fortunate the community supports the center,” she said.

Sue Bockelman, of Plant Pro of Steamboat, provided the fund-raising opportunity for Soda Creek Elementary School and agreed to help the women with the project for the cosmetology center.

Kaminski said this was something her fellow students bought into and accomplished. As far as she knew, it was the first fund-raiser the club had done.

“The association has always received the profits from the pop machine, and those funds typically are used for birthday cards and cakes or special events,” she said.

Kaminski is the president of the Cosmetology Association. She said that because CNCC funds are so tight, students wanted to do something to help, and continuing education was what all the cosmetology students wanted.

“Experts in any field charge for the knowledge they share, and we know what they have to share is what we need to succeed in the business,” she said. “We simply found another way to cause something to happen.”

How the money will be spent has not been decided. Each student wrote a wish list, and the officers of the association will tally up the wishes and make the choices soon.

“We have a lot of really great wishes to choose from,” she said. “We hope that the next class will take the ball and run with it.”

Kaminski and Kortas said they were grateful that the center exists.

“We are so thankful CNCC had the wisdom to offer this program,” Kaminski said. “This is something we chose to do, and we could not have done it if it were not so close to home.”

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