CNCC plans for Amsterdam, Bruges |

CNCC plans for Amsterdam, Bruges

Bridget Manley

Kathy Simpson, math and biology instructor at Colorado Northwest Community College, will be taking a group of students to Bruges and Amsterdam March 13 to 23. Deadline for the trip, including a $600 deposit, is Oct.15.

Local residents could experience European culture, art and history this spring.

If they move quickly enough, that is.

Colorado Northwestern Community College is planning to take students and community members to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Bruges, Belgium, from March 13 to 23.

To secure a spot on the 2009 trip, residents will have until Oct. 15 to put down $600 cash – an initial payment on a trip that will cost $2,850 total.

The sooner residents turn in their payments, the better.

“Right now, with the world economy and the airline situation as (it) is, we want to get locked into our rates as quickly as possible,” said Mary Morris, CNCC community education director.

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CNCC will take up to 21 people on the trip. The group will spend three nights in Bruges. Trip members will spend the remainder of the trip in Amsterdam.

The trip will be the most recent in a series of travels CNCC has embarked upon for at least eight years. This March, CNCC took a group of 28 students and residents on a 12-day jaunt through Italy and France.

During their travels abroad this spring, the group plans to visit several art museums including Rijksmusuem in Amesterdam, which contains works by Rembrandt, the 17th-century Dutch painter.

A visit to The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam also is on the schedule. CNCC travel groups also try to fit in some other cultural events throughout the trip as they are available, Morris said.

Morris has a list of about 30 other people who have expressed interest in CNCC’s spring break excursion. So far, 14 people have said they will sign up for the venture. However, not all of them have paid their deposit, Morris said.

Either community members or CNCC students can fill the seven additional open slots. Students can earn three credits in one of the following courses: art special topics, art cultural studies or history special topics.

Requirements for earning credits abroad are similar to what students would meet on campus. They will research a topic of study while on the trip and write an essay either before or after they spend time abroad.

“They follow the same criteria as they would on an on-site class,” Morris said.

The only difference would be where students would be meeting those criteria.

“Their classroom is the world,” she said.

For more information about CNCC’s 2009 spring break trip, call Morris at 824-1135.

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Colorado Northwestern Community College 2009 spring break trip

• Destination: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Bruges, Belgium

• Dates: March 13 to 23

• Cost: $2,850

• $600 deposit due Oct. 15

• CNCC will take up to 21 people on the trip.

• CNCC students can earn three credits in art or history

• Enrollment also is open to community members

• For more information, call Mary Morris, CNCC community education director, at 824-1135.