CNCC Four-Wheeler Club busy with big plans |

CNCC Four-Wheeler Club busy with big plans

Darian Warden
The CNCC Four Wheelers club displays off road vehicles on the CNCC Craig campus. Finishing up their first year as a club, members have big plans for a rock crawling park in Craig.
Courtesy of Jeff Wallmann

The Colorado Northwestern Community College Four-Wheelers Club has just finished up its first year, and the group has been conquering more than tough trails.

The club was started last December, and Jeffrey Wallmann, interim automotive director, instructor and student advisor to the club, said the non-profit group supports public land usage and education about the issue for community members.

Along with riding their four-wheelers over all sorts of terrain.

Wallmann said all officers of the club are students of CNCC, but membership is open to any community member with a desire to join, no off road vehicle necessary.

“There’s generally a seat available if someone wants to come,” Wallmann said. “It’s a family oriented group. Dads and sons and whole families come out.”

The group meets at 7 p.m. the second Monday of each month at the Career Technical Center on the CNCC Craig campus.

Membership costs $35 per year, up from $25 last year because the club is joining the Colorado Association of 4 Wheel drive Clubs, Inc. and helps pay for club costs.

There are currently around 35 members.

Wallmann said there are some perks to joining, including some pretty big discounts on four-wheeler parts from local sponsors.

The club also does a monthly trail ride, generally the Saturday after the monthly meeting.

Wallmann said the group goes all over the state of Colorado for rides, ranging from extremes trails and rock crawling, to scenic trails and visits to ghost towns.

The club just returned from Moab last week.

“We want to attract everyone by having a little bit of everything,” Wallmann said.

Wallmann said everyone in the club also has access to use the CNCC Automotive shop to work on their vehicles, which the club usually does once a month.

Other projects the club participates in are the adopt a highway road clean up program, the club helped out with creating a recreation trail map for off road vehicles, a four wheel drive truck show, Moab trips, camping trips, going to Rangely’s off road park, swap meet, volunteer work on 4×4 trails and campgrounds and the most recent project in the works, CNCC’s own rock crawling park.

Wallmann said they have the unofficial ok from county commissioners to go ahead as long as they can raise all necessary funds.

“The county loved idea. They wanted us to use Loudy Simpson,” Wallmann said.

Wallmann said the club has the backing and sponsorship of W.E. ROCK, World Extreme Rock Crawling, one of the biggest names in rock crawling, equivalent to NASCAR.

Wallmann said W.E. ROCK will host a national event for two days that they project will bring anywhere between 1,500 to 3,000 spectators.

“It will be a big event for the town, equivalent to the BBQ event and the balloon festival,” Wallmann said.

Money raised from the event will be split with the club. The park will also be used for local competitions as well as open for practice when competitions aren’t being held.

Wallmann said the money necessary for the concrete would be the biggest challenge, requiring between $40,000 and $50,000. He said he hopes to begin building in the spring, as W.E. ROCK has agreed to host an event at the park in 2014.

Wallmann said the park would be good for the county, just as he believes the club is good for the school.

“The school wants to grow,” Wallmann said. “We’re trying to attract students from out of the area, along with those new to the area.”

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