CMS Knowledge Master Team ranked 10th in state |

CMS Knowledge Master Team ranked 10th in state

Lee Harstad

What name is shared by a patriot who rode with Paul Revere, the leaders of the defense of the Alamo and a New Mexican outlaw who murdered 21 men?

The answer?

Craig Middle School (CMS) students involved in the Knowledge Master Team probably know the answer to this question and many others.

The CMS Knowledge Master Team competed Dec. 8 in a tournament. This was the 33rd Knowledge Master Open and it pited teams from around the world in a computer-generated competition.

Led by East Elementary School teacher Marsha Nash, the program has been operating about 11 years. Contestants this year included Andrew Stevens, Alex Swedenberg and Loren Vikse, all eighth-graders.

“It is an academic contest done worldwide,” Nash said.

This team from CMS scored a 1,247 of 2,000 possible points. The score ranked the team 10th in Colorado and, according to Nash, the team is more concerned on “how well we do in our state.” The finish this year was the third best ranking for the school in the 23 times CMS has participated during the past 11 years.

Students are quizzed on subjects such as American history, world history, English, biology, mathematics, politics and practically any school-related subject.

According to Nash, the Knowledge Master Open was designed to stimulate interest and recognition for academic accomplishment. The contest was developed to run on classroom computers to provide all schools the opportunity to compete in a national academic contest without the expense of traveling to a central site.

This team, along with the addition of other interested seventh- and eighth-graders, will represent CMS in the spring competition in April.