CMA Chairman speaks at Tea Party meeting |

CMA Chairman speaks at Tea Party meeting

The Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots met Thursday at the Center of Craig, with guest Jerry Nettleton speaking on environmental law and regulation.

Nettleton, the chairman of the Colorado Mining Association, educated the attendees at the meeting about environmental law, its history and how the laws go into effect. He then touched on the enormous cost of the regulation of those laws.

According to Nettleton’s presentation, it cost the government $1.75 trillion to regulate environmental law in 2008, a mammoth number that to him shows “regulators gone wild.”

He spoke about what can be done to help with these inefficiencies, with the top options being education on the topic, participation in the process and voting.

“There are some benefits (to environmental regulation),” he said. “But the flipside is you have to have regulations that take into account the economic side.”

Craig resident Craig Rummel also spoke at the meeting, discussing his proposal to have all heads of household in Craig own a “modern sporting rifle”, an effort to grab the attention of the state legislature which he feels has ignored Northwest Colorado for too long. Rummel talked about the possible time frame for his proposal being drafted, discussed and voted on by the city.