Clinton’s plan hinders everyone |

Clinton’s plan hinders everyone

To the Editor

To the Editor,
On Oct. 5, President Clinton published in the National Register a rule which more than doubles the current roadless acreage. I am opposed to the president’s plan. This rule ignores the normal planning process mandated by the 1964 Wilderness Act and the 1978 National Forest Management Act by excluding local governments and citizens from the decision making process. I believe the multi-use concept should be retained in all of our national forests.
I thank Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, R-Colo., for his stand against the White River National Forest policy recently proposed by the forest supervisor, and for his stand against the president’s Federal Register rule to increase the current roadless acreage from 35 million to 75 million acres. I agree with many who felt the amount of wilderness area established in 1965 was about right and that the additional lands added in the 70s went way overboard. I hope Sen. Campbell is also watching what the Park Service is trying to do in Yellowstone during the winter months.
Because the 90-day public comment period ends on Jan. 4, 2000, I am encouraging all interested citizens to send letters, telephone calls, and faxed messages to our Representatives to encourage them to overturn President Clinton’s Roadless Policy entered into the Federal Register this fall.
Ned Miller,