Clerks Corner: Much appreciation to our community |

Clerks Corner: Much appreciation to our community

Lila Herod/For the Saturday Morning Press

On Thanksgiving Day, my daughter sent us a priceless video of our granddaughter, Kylee Jo, sharing the things she is most grateful. We beamed with pride as she reeled off her list: my mom and dad, my Nana and Papa, my Gigi and Pa, my dog Annie, police officers, macaroni and cheese and Donald Trump! Her sweet thoughts caused me to ponder the things I am grateful for as well.

The recent election was successful thanks to the efforts of an amazing staff. Without their dedication, the citizens of Moffat County would not be ensured of a transparent and honorable election process. A very special thanks to Tori Pingley and Amanda Tomlinson for their meticulous attention to detail, and for working all of those long stressful hours! In addition, we have devoted and passionate citizens who willingly serve as election judges. I am especially grateful for each and every one of them, for their wholehearted commitment and cooperative efforts throughout the election process. The election judges consist of Democrats and Republicans alike, members of my staff, and even student judges from the Moffat County High School. Their many responsibilities include testing the voting equipment, issuing and receiving ballots, verifying signatures, sorting, counting and tabulating votes, and completing the canvass process, which involves reviewing, auditing and certifying the election results.

The election results are official, and we have a new president-elect, as well as new county commissioners. The time has come for healing and for the citizens of our community, as well as the citizens in all of the communities of this great nation, to work together. Through equitable service and community involvement, citizens can be assured of mutual respect and trust.

I am sincerely thankful for our community leaders, for those that serve and protect us, and especially our veterans. I recently attended the Moffat County High School Assembly on Veterans Day. I was incredibly impressed by the program. Thank you to those who contributed to the organization of this amazing program. I was certainly proud of all the high school students who listened attentively to the special guest speakers. The students exhibited respect for our local veterans as they folded the flag, while learning the meaning behind each fold. Several heartfelt slide presentations gave recognition to past, present and future military men and women. One of the speakers, Army recruiter, SFC Jonathan McCartney gave a profound message on accepting responsibility for our actions and for our futures. His message resonated with me as he encouraged people to be a backbone rather than a wishbone. He admonished everyone to end their wishful thinking and to act. The applause and standing ovations given to these heroes was both emotional and inspiring,

Sergeant McCartney’s message coincides with the work of Commissioner Moe and Councilman John Ponikvar, who joined together to introduce our community to the author of “13 Ways to Kill Your Community,” Doug Griffiths. The book’s central theme is that citizens need to make a conscious choice to be successful and contribute personally to making our community better. If we want to be successful, both individually and as an entire community we each need to have a backbone and get to work!

Our local government and leaders certainly have an important role in the success of our community, but how can one individual make a difference? Again, Sergeant McCartney taught that it is the simplest things we do on a daily basis that make a difference. We need to start at home by showing more love and kindness to our families and to our neighbors. A smile and a helping hand at home can inspire and motivate family members to then go out and help the community. By properly maintaining our homes and property, we can show pride in our beautiful city. We must take responsibility for our actions by showing more tolerance, respect and love for others.

As the year nears its end, there is so much for which we can be thankful. We have a great nation, city and county. We have admirable citizens including our veterans, law enforcement officers, firefighters, teachers, childcare providers, healthcare providers, and small business owners. Most of us have family members and close friends, good health, and access to a warm bed and sufficient food. We can all surely find comfort and gratitude for the simple things in life that can mean so much. May we all embrace the spirit of Christmas by giving and helping one another, not only during the holiday season, but each and every day of the year!

Until next month. Cheers!

Lila Herod is the Moffat County clerk and recorder.Lila Herod is the Moffat County clerk and recorder.Lila Herod is the Moffat County clerk and recorder.

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