Clerk’s Corner: Election day is approaching fast; be prepared |

Clerk’s Corner: Election day is approaching fast; be prepared

Stephanie Beckett

Stephanie Beckett

The County Clerk’s Office would like to remind you that Election Day is approaching fast! There is a lot of information on the upcoming ballot, so we are recommending you come to the polls prepared. Bring your cheat sheets!

Recently we mailed out Voter Information Cards. These cards are strictly for your information, and it is the current information we have on file. Review your voting information and, if necessary, make any corrections or changes and return it to our office. You also can use these cards to sign up for a “permanent” mail-in ballot. When you are added to this list, we will automatically mail you your ballot for every general election, and if you are affiliated with a political party, you will receive a ballot for the primary election. Please understand that you will not get to vote on Election Day if a ballot already has been issued to you through the mail.

Don’t forget to bring proper ID to the polls.

Just a reminder: Amendments 53, 55, 56 and 57 have been withdrawn from the race but will still appear on your ballots.

We will start early voting Oct. 20, and it continues through Oct. 31 at the Moffat County Courthouse from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Election Day is Nov. 4. Vote Centers are at Centennial Mall, Dinosaur Library and Maybell Community Center.

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For more election information, visit or call our office at 970-824-9104.

Go vote, Moffat County!