Clerk charging fee for late vehicle registrations |

Clerk charging fee for late vehicle registrations

Brandon Johnson

The Moffat County Clerk and Recorder’s Office will charge a fee for late vehicle registration renewals.

Vehicle owners have a 30-day grace period to renew, which means that if tags say August, they have until the end of September to get new ones.

But after the grace period, the clerk’s office will charge a late fee.

The new policy went into effect Monday.

Moffat County Clerk and Recorder Elaine Sullivan said most people get their tags renewed on time. There are only a few late renewals.

The clerk’s office sends out a reminder a month early telling vehicle owners they need to renew their registrations, so they have almost 90 days from the reminder to get new tags without incurring the fee.

The state instituted a new law in July allowing counties to assess the late fee, but not requiring them to do so.

Sullivan said Moffat County instituted the fee to increase revenue. She said most counties, especially heavily populated ones, will assess the fee.

Sullivan met with clerks from across the state recently at a Department of Motor Vehicles meeting and said no one expected the late fee to be much of an issue.

“Nobody has even made a face about it,” Sullivan said.

Police can pull vehicles over for having expired tags.

State Trooper Doug Kline said troopers pull people over for expired tags, but it isn’t something that happens frequently.

“Compared to speeders and car versus deer accidents, it’s not common,” Kline said.

The state issues fines for driving with expired registration based on how long the registration has been expired.

For tags that have been expired for fewer than 30 days, the state charges $41.50, but the fine goes up to $87.50 after 75 days.

The state’s fine is in addition to the county’s late fee.

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