City Road, Bridge replace patch |

City Road, Bridge replace patch

Bridget Manley

A stretch of Yampa Avenue was narrowed Wednesday while crews revisited a temporary fix.

Workers for the Craig Road and Bridge Department removed a 10-by-8-foot patch in the northbound lane of Yampa Avenue in the 500 block.

The swath was the site of a water line break this past spring. At the time of the break, crews had patched the road with a cold asphalt mix, which is used for cold-weather repairs, said Troy Hampton, Road and Bridge Department crew supervisor.

On Wednesday, crews revisited the site to replace the cold mix patch, a temporary fix, with a hot asphalt mixture.

“Cold mix just (doesn’t) last like the hot mix does,” Hampton said.

Traffic cones prevented residents from parking near the north end of the 500 block as crews refilled the hole, but the road remained open to north- and south-bound traffic.

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The only exception was when a southbound oversized load came down Yampa Avenue and turned west at Victory Way sometime between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m., said Dwayne Gonzales, Road and Bridge Department light equipment operator. At that time, crews closed Yampa’s northbound lane as well as the intersection of Yampa Avenue and Victory Way to let the load pass.

Cones were removed well before 5 p.m. Wednesday.

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