City of Craig responds to water rate concerns |

City of Craig responds to water rate concerns

Craig Press Staff Report

On Friday, the city of Craig released a letter to the public addressing water and wastewater rates in relation to a recent Craig Press article regarding a study by a consulting firm presented to Craig City Council.

The letter, from City Manager Peter Brixius, addresses the local government’s plans to improve chlorine residuals in its distribution system before 2020 and the effect this will have on local water rates in coming months.

“During the rate study process, it was determined through comparison to other communities with similar technology that our rates will continue to be very competitive and will stay on that path throughout the next five years,” the letter reads. “Our goal, considering the need for this investment in the plant and distribution system, will be to continue to provide a good service and product at a good rate.”

The full letter is available below:


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