City councilman Tony Bohrer announces plan to run for county commissioner’s seat |

City councilman Tony Bohrer announces plan to run for county commissioner’s seat

Tony Bohrer

After speaking with his wife and family, and getting all his ducks in a row, Craig City Councilman Tony Bohrer announced Wednesday morning he’s running for the District 1 Moffat County Commissioner’s seat.

Bohrer will run against incumbent District 1 County Commissioner Don Cook, who is running for re-election.

Citing a desire to be part of the solution moving forward for Moffat County and Craig, Bohrer plans on making an impact at the county level, which is something he’s quite familiar with.

“I actually wanted to run for county commissioner way prior to ever running for city council 7 or 8 years ago,” Bohrer said during a Wednesday morning interview. “Every job I’ve ever had has been in the county, all the businesses I’ve owned have been in the county, and I was raised in the county with that county mentality of ranching and being self-sufficient.

“So, I’ve always wanted to do this, but I felt I was never in the right position to do this until now. I feel like it’s just time to do this, and with the economic challenges coming, I don’t want to be the guy that sits there and complains; I want to be the guy who’s part of the solution.”

Bohrer has a long history of involvement in the community on a personal, professional, and governmental level. Bohrer has served on city council for 7 years, is a pastor in the community, works with the Ministerial Alliance, and is a chaplain to Craig Fire/Rescue, among other things. Additionally, Bohrer’s grandfather was a water commissioner for Moffat County for 25 years, giving him family ties to the the county side of things.

With those economic challenges coming to Moffat County and its people, Bohrer envisions a time where people come together as a team, work in one direction towards clear goals, and help Moffat County thrive moving forward.

“I’ve always said that where there’s great opposition, there’s great opportunity,” Bohrer said. “I truly believe that. I want to help find that opportunity within that opposition that we’re facing as a community.

“I’m not coming with any promises, and I don’t have the answer that is going to save Craig, but I’ve always found that anything that is successful has a team behind it,” Bohrer added. “You hardly ever find a successful lone ranger. That person is usually successful because he or she has a team behind them.

“If we’re going to survive these upcoming challenges, which I believe that we will, it’s going to be because we bound together and have become one, from the hospital to the school district, to the chamber, to MCTA, the city, the county, the college, every entity in this community is going to come together. We are better together than apart.”

Should Bohrer be elected to District 1’s seat in November, the two-term city councilman would have to resign from his seat in early November. Bohrer ran the idea by city attorney Sherman Romney, and learned that he can remain on city council while campaigning for a seat on the county commissioner’s board.

Bohrer has previously talked with each member of city council about running for county commissioner and believes that he has the support of each councilman and councilwoman to pursue this next step.

“Everyone of them has supported me and said whatever they can do to help they will,” Bohrer said. ” I feel like I have good relationships with everyone on city council.”

With his official announcement, Bohrer hits the campaign trail for District 1, looking to drum up support to be elected come November, should he get through the caucus and the primary.

Bohrer said he’ll lean on the experience he’s gained on city council to help drive him through his campaign, meeting and listening to community members all while keeping an open mind and striving to fix issues the people care about.

No matter what though, Bohrer says he’s going to bring respect to the position and looks forward to working with county commissioners in the future.

“Even if I am the only no or yes vote on issues, I’m going to work with people no matter how I feel about an issue; that’s important,” Bohrer said. ” I look forward to working with someone like Donald Broom; I believe that we think a lot alike and hold similar conservative values. I look forward to working on projects the county commissioners are already working on.”

Additional candidates will announce their campaigns at the Lincoln Dinner on Feb. 22, and have until the March 7 caucus to announce their official bid for the open seat.

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